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Renewables advancing
The United States surpasses 2 million solar installations

Michelle Davis, Senior Analyst, Solar

2 million solar installations in the US

enough to power 12 million of the approx 127 million homes.

Of the 127 million homes 64 % are homeowners.

Notice the chart of installations and how the slope changes in 2016.

imo that's due to the current admin installing the old fossils energy source
CEO's and lobbyists into positions that allow them to break the natural trend
and keep their favorite highly profitable pollution energy systems in place.

Nations in the 2m tier and year achieved.

Japan - 2014
Australia - 2018
US - 2019

Can't review the underlying full report because you have to be a client.

It would be interesting to know how many of the 2m installations are
residential vs commercial.

Without Coal Power For The First Time Since The 19th Century
Posted on 2019/05/12

The last [ coal ] generator was turned off at 1:24 pm on 1st May ...

 As solar tech advances it's beoming artistic, here are two very cool examples.

Solar Ivy Uses PVs and Piezoelectrics

Tiny, flexible solar cells mimic leaves that are attached to a stainless steel mesh system.
On the “front” of the leaves, PVs capture sunlight and generate electricity;
on the back side are piezoelectric generators that generate power when leaf movement is caused by the wind.
A 28-sq-ft area of Solar Ivy is capable of generating 85 Watts of solar power.

This collector is pricey but really cool.

SmartFlower: An Intelligent Solar Panel System Tracks Sun Throughout Day

Imagine a row of these down an interstate, or in a solar park.

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