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Fukushima rice rebounds & Southern Hemisphere March 2019 Background Level Report

20th March 2019 - As fears linger, Fukushima rice rebounds under anonymity


“There is high demand for industrial use rice from Fukushima Prefecture, which is cheap for its taste,” one distributor said.

Industrial use rice often only carries a “domestic” label with no mention of the production area.


This lack of labeling on industrial rice makes it very difficult to determine what rice sold in Japan is from the Fukushima area. This rice could end up anywhere in the food processing industry. Below is a link to a very informative, 10 min video. It discusses the serious health effects, very small amounts of Cesium-137 consumed in food products, can do to children. Even if the detected Cesium level was low, and below the Japanese safety level of 100 Bq/kg, it is still way too high for children to consume!

Most western governments around the world raised the acceptable Cesium-137 safety levels to ridiculous amounts after Fukushima. They raised the level by twenty to thirty times, to 1200 Bq/kg. This shows how bogus these government set safety levels really are. They just change the acceptable level to whatever suits them at the time, to support the nuclear industry!




Governments around the World have deceived the public about radiation food safety!

For your family's safety, get the latest reports on radiation food and environmental contamination.

Pass these links onto friends and relatives.

"The Food Lab"



"Radiation Food Lab"


Southern Hemisphere March 2019 Background Level Report

Station location

[Image: Australian-Map.jpg]

This short animation of Northern and Southern Hemisphere air circulation, shows why we can get detections so far south.


March 2019 Report.

We finally received around 300mm of rain in March, decent rain after an exceptionally dry period.

Towards the latter part of March, around when the rain started, a number of very short detection spikes showed up in the 24 hour charts.

Below are examples of a couple of the larger spike detections.

It is normal to occasionally get background spikes, three times background or less. These spike detections were less than three times background, so are probably not anything to be concerned about.



March 2019 day average background chart.

[Image: Caloundra-local-average-background-radia...h-2019.jpg]

Disclaimer: This is an amateur volunteer run service. Human error can provide incorrect information, and equipment malfunction can produce false readings. Do not rely on, or take action upon information presented on this web site, without further research.
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