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Nuclear Waste Leak
Willem Petzer Reports: NUCLEAR WASTE is leaking at South Africa Power Plant! Koeberg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCUpVMGTRzA Since 2914, no less

Cape Town Why decommissioning South Africa’s Koeberg nuclear plant won’t be easy https://theconversation.com/why-decommissioning-south-africas-koeberg-nuclear-plant-wont-be-easy-89888
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Nuclear waste leaks at Koeberg – the facts https://mybroadband.co.za/news/energy/30...facts.html


"The power utility [Eskom] said in a press statement on 31 March that both power generation units at Koeberg are running safely and are adding 1,960MW into the power grid.

Nuclear waste leaks at Koeberg

Koeberg general manager Velaphi Ntuli provided further details about the nuclear waste leaks.

In May 2014 and October 2015 small quantities of water with very low radiation levels was released to the ocean without adequate monitoring as a result of defective equipment.
In the November 2015 event, a small quantity of air was released from the containment building directly to the atmosphere without going through the monitored path.
“In all these events the radiation activity levels were determined to be very low and well within the regulatory requirements,” said Ntuli."
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Eskom: no need to “to assess the impact of the final disposal of the high level nuclear waste as the final disposal of high level nuclear waste will be the responsibility of the National Radioactive Waste Disposal Institute“ https://koebergalert.org/2018/08/15/resp...lear-site/

Ex-Koeberg nuclear plant worker lashes out at SA plans https://www.fin24.com/MyFin24/ex-koeberg...s-20151229
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Eskom's 2018 115 page Koeberg Alert Alliance PDF https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rLCwt0S...4n3Bi/view page 84 discusses technical issues including radiation leak assumptions re: groundwater.
Koeberg radiation leak being probed
2010-10-15 19:46 https://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/...d-20101015

"Pretoria - The National Nuclear Regulator (NNR) says it has launched a probe into an incident last month at Koeberg nuclear power station in which 91 workers were exposed to radiation.

"The NNR regards any nuclear-related event seriously and in this instance has instituted its own independent investigation," NNR chief executive Boyce Mkhize said on Friday.

Responding to a letter sent to him by Greenpeace Africa, Mkhize said preliminary information indicated the doses the workers were exposed to on September 12 did not warrant regulatory intervention.

However the NNR would continue to follow up and monitor the situation closely.

He said the leak occurred when cobalt dust particles from inside primary system pipes were dislodged when the pipes were opened during a reactor refuelling outage.

The cobalt had been carried out of the piping by air.

No alarm

Mkhize said a radiation alarm did not go off because, according to the information available to the NNR, the "quantity and magnitude of radioactivity released was not enough to reach the alarm thresholds set on the radiation monitors in the area".

The workers were exposed to radiation levels considerably below the allowable dose determined by the NNR.

The allowable dose was 20 000 microsieverts, and the highest dose measured in the group was 500 microsieverts.

Greenpeace energy campaigner Rianne Teule said in the organisation's letter that her main concern was that alarms were not activated in the area where the leak occurred.

She said Eskom did not follow the international nuclear industry practice of setting it as low as reasonably possible."

The release of the radionuclides was only detected when the workers were monitored at the end of their shift.

Teule said it remained unclear how seriously affected the 91 employees were by the leak."

Radioactive leakages at Koeberg worrying – Corné Mulder politicsweb.co.za/politics/leakages-at-koeberg-worrying-and-public-must-be-in
"The leakages occurred in May 2014, October 2015 and November 2015.

The answer states that the leakages were properly monitored and although Koeberg considers all leakages as serious, the public was not informed seeing as the radioactive levels of the leakages were within regulatory safety limits and, thus, it posed no danger to staff, the public or the environment.

Because the radioactive leakage was below the regulatory limit, it did not require a reaction or a notice to the public.

Regarding the reasons and the remedies for the problem, the answer states that a faulty system was to blame. It has since been repaired and preventative measures have been implemented to avoid a repetition of such leakages.

The FF Plus is not satisfied with the answer and the party will keep a close eye on the situation in the future to ensure that all irregularities and/or leakages are communicated to the public at once, no matter how insignificant they may seem. The public is entitled to be continually informed.

It would be justifiable to ask what caused Koeberg’s systems and equipment to deteriorate to such an extent that three leakages occurred in just two years.

The party is worried that a possible loss of expertise and activities at Koeberg could be detrimental and will, thus, address further questions to the Minister. It is non-negotiable: only the best experts should be at the steer of things at a nuclear power plant like Koeberg.
Issued by Corné Mulder, FF Plus chief whip, 29 March 2019
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Koeberg Alert Alliance
Calling for a review of the nuclear power programme https://koebergalert.org

I asked them if there's publicly available rad data for Koeberg.
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