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Citizen Science Post 311
Risk is Your Business: Citizen Science after Fukushima somatosphere.net/2018/12/risk-is-your-business.html


"In Fukushima, Mr. Kan’no’s story is far from unique. Indeed, public skepticism has increased significantly following the release of radioactive contaminants throughout Japan. Notably there was a growing concern over the legitimacy of state institutional experts in their ability to manage and explain the risks of radioactivity after Fukushima. As a result, members of the population have dealt with the risks of radioactive contamination by mobilizing expert practices of their own. In Iitate, many residents possess Geiger counters, devices that measure an area’s current level of radiation, as well as personal dosimeters, wearable devices that record a person’s cumulative dose of external radiation. Such widespread grassroots action became epitomized by the creation of citizen science centers, where Japanese citizens collectively track and monitor radioactive contamination."
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