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JP Women's Rad Lab
Meet the Japanese Moms Running a Citizens' Lab to Track Nuclear Radiation https://broadly.vice.com/en_us/article/p...harebutton


"Only one out of the twelve volunteers at the Citizens’ Lab are male; all the others are women and most of them mothers. The name of their NGO—Tarachine—means “caring mother” in Japanese."

"Unlike other citizens' labs in Japan—many established in the wake of the nuclear disaster—the women of Tarachine received proper training from radiation experts at prestigious universities, and they have bought the right equipment to analyze their test results. 

“All staff here are ordinary people—we aren’t specialists, we all learned everything after joining,” Iida says. “We inspect many different radioactive nuclides here. In the other room, we inspect cesium 134 and cesium 137, and here we check for tritium and strontium in foods. Tritium is very difficult to detect, you need a special treatment,” she adds, pointing at machines laid out on the table. The presence of these chemical elements points to potential risk—radioactive strontium, for instance, can remain in the body for years and cause bone cancer or leukaemia."
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