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[ It all came down to profits. ]

Flawed analysis, failed oversight: How Boeing, FAA certified the suspect 737 MAX flight control system |
Originally published March 17, 2019 at 6:00 am Updated March 17, 2019 at 12:06 pm

[ for those that don't have a subscription ]
[ archived page ] https://archive.fo/qzQFy

[ Details of how FAA management pushed the agenda. ]

[ My main focus is on this quote from the article. ]
" The FAA, citing lack of funding and resources, has over the years delegated increasing authority to Boeing to take on more of the work of certifying the safety of its own airplanes. "

Thru the centuries the deregulation and lack of ability of the public to scrutinize a business or government activity,
has inevitably led to the injury of the very people the business or activity was supposed to benefit.

I'm confident the reader is aware of other industries or business segments that once deregulated imploded from their own greed.

The infiltration of government regulatory bodies by business organizations is a root cause.


[ But you may be thnking, ok, but this is a nuclear issues board. Why post this here? ]

[ This infiltration of regulatory bodies is not limited to non nuclear industries. ]

Nuclear industry pushing for fewer inspections at plants |
By ELLEN KNICKMEYER March 14, 2019

[ crappy archive page, text is at bottom of page. ] https://archive.fo/Y2vcW

The nuclear power industry is pushing the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to cut back on inspections at nuclear power plants and throttle back what it tells the public about plant problems.

[ Easier to make false claims of success if you conceal the evidence of failure. ]

Annie Caputo, a former nuclear-energy lobbyist now serving as one of four board members ...
told an industry meeting this week that she was “open to self-assessments” by nuclear plant operators,
who are proposing that self-reporting by operators take the place of some NRC inspections.

“For an industry that is increasingly under financial decline ... to take regulatory authority away from the NRC puts us on a collision course,”said Paul Gunter, of the anti-nuclear group Beyond Nuclear.

With what? “With a nuclear accident,” Gunter said.

The industry made its requests for change in a letter delivered by the Nuclear Energy Institute group.
[ https://www.nrc.gov/docs/ML1826/ML18262A322.pdf ]

A “high-priority” ask is to eliminate press releases about lower-level safety issues at plants — meaning the kind of problems that could trigger more inspections and oversight at a plant but not constitute an emergency.
The industry group also asked that the NRC reduce the “burden of radiation-protection and emergency-preparedness inspections.”

So yeah, the NPS ( Nuclear Pollution Society ) which can't even seem to meet the minimum requirements asked for by the public, wants to tell us even less than they already don't admit to now.

In January, ... appointees to the NRC ... [ voted ] down a staff proposal that nuclear plants be required to substantially —
and expensively — harden themselves against major floods and other natural disasters.

Flooding gambit playing out now.

If you read the entire article note how many time industry proponents cite the fincial reasons for their requests.

Nuclear contamination, coming soon to a city near you.


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