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Heated Debate Expected At Pa. Capitol Over Nuclear Power Plant Bailout Legislation |

March 11, 2019 at 10:30 am

[ This is an AP article ]

Monday’s bill unveiling could usher in heated debate over whether the plants deserve what critics call a bailout.

" what critics call a bailout. "
If it's not a bailout then what is it?
Oh yeah, extortion.
What do the proponents call it if it's not a bailout?


The plan’s sponsor, Rep. Thomas Mehaffie, projects it’ll cost ratepayers around $500 million a year, or the average household $1.77 a month.

Ratepayers or taxpayers?
Even those not using the electricity generated by a nuclear power station are going to contribute
to the ongoing operation of a power generation technology they don't support.
In a real free market only those choosing to be supplied by nuclear power stations would pay for the bailout.

The article states " five nuclear power plants ". Well sort of.
In fact there are five active sites with multiple reactors.
Three Mile (2), Susquehanna (2), Peach Bottom (3), Beaver Valley (2), Limerick (2).
TMI and PB both have closed reactors and if the arrangement is like Indian Point then as soon as they close the remaining reactors they have to dismantle all reactors. Big money.

All those reactors have over 25 to 40 years of spent fuel sitting onsite.

Active units

TMI - 1 PWR, 1974
SQH - 2 GE BWRs. 1983, 1985
PB - 2 GE BWRs, 1974, 1974
BV - 2 PWRs, 1976, 1987
L - 2 GE BWRs, 1986, 1990

The spent fuel isn't going anywhere soon, and they want to keep making more.

A central storage facility will have to be forced upon someone somewhere.

Otherwise the people near a nuclear pollution site (NPS) will just have to move or live with it.

Nuke waste will be buried, leak, dug up, re-buried, and then the process will begin again.

Ultimately the price for energy today will be paid by future generations for the cleanup and storage.

But the mess will never really be cleaned, it's all a con.

Hanford, St. Louis, Piketon, West Valley, Hunters Point, SSFL, Rockyflatts.

Millions in taxpayer money to clean up the mess made with millions in taxpayer money.


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