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2013 French Tritium Leak Investigated
"A court hearing in Valencia took place Thursday (March 7th) to find out the extent of the tritium leak in 2013 at the Tricastin nuclear power plant (Drôme). Behind this trial, the entire French nuclear fleet could be concerned." https://france3-regions.francetvinfo.fr/...35090.html


Google translated excerpt:

"According to EDF, tritium would be a "harmless" element for low dose health. The lawyer explained at the hearing that 2 or 3 Becquerels per liter looked like sparkling water.

But Bruno Chareyron, director of the laboratory of Criirad, cited by the civil parties as a witness, contests. "There is no threshold of safety in terms of radioactivity.Tritium presents a certain danger.The radioactive hydrogen causes damage to the DNA even at low dose."
A delay after the discovery of the leak?

On August 6, 2013, EDF declared a tritium leak to the Nuclear Safety Authority. An incident classified "interesting" but not serious according to the operator. The leak came from a faulty seal between reactor number 3 and a nearby building. The discovery occurred when employees found suspicious puddles in this building. Defective seals have since been changed.

But for the Réseau Sortir du Nucléaire, the Tricastin tritium leak took place almost a month before, on July 8, which would be a serious delay.

As for the precise causes of this flight, they are still unknown today."
just pm me if needed.

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