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Latent Cancer Risk

69 mins | Nuclear Accidents: Lessons Learned (Dr. Brian Sheron)

@ 57:53

" Individual latent cancer risk for selected scenarios generally
comes from population returning home after event (millions of times lower
than other cancer risks assuming linear no -threshold hypothesis) "

After this statement the speaker goes on to cast doubt on the veracity of the LNT model,
repeating the lame comparison of toxic man made isotopes to plane rides and cosmic rays.

While it may be true that the risk increase is small, say one in a million,
if you are the one, you'd give anything to be just one of the million again.

Everywhere there is nuclear activity there is contamination and it is slowly being spread around.

We've seen this at Hanford, WIPP, SSFL, St. Louis, aside from the major disasters,
and many others where the people working in the nuclear field come into contact with
and transport contamination around.

Nuclear sites are like a stain on the fabric of the biosphere, it will eventually dissipate
but it will always be there.

The nuke industry would have you believe they are capable of controlling the release, spread and remediation
of contamination but the history shows us otherwise.

70 years of coverups, lies, obfuscation ... so profiteers can maintain their profits.  

Nuclear is forever, you just won't notice it because you will only experience it during your one lifetime.

Come back in another lifetime and it will still be here.

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