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IP3 Consortium Illegal
Senators seek oversight power after Trump administration reveals nuclear energy transfers to Saudi Arabia https://www.cnbc.com/2019/04/10/senators...sfers.html


"On Wednesday, Democratic Sens. Edward Markey of Massachusetts and Tim Kaine of Virginia partnered with Republican Sens. Marco Rubio of Florida and Todd Young of Indiana to introduce an amendment to the Atomic Energy Act. The amendment would require the Energy and State departments to report to Congress any Part 810 applications reviewed and approved or rejected over the last 90 days in a quarterly report.

The amendment would also require the Energy Department to send to Congress all Part 810 authorizations going back to 2015, the last time the department revised the application process.

Finally, the legislation would give the chairman or ranking member of several congressional committees the authority to request any pending or approved Part 810 applications. The Energy Department would have to answer the request within 10 days."
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Another Arms Control Wonk podcast The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Nuclear on Apple Podcasts https://podcasts.apple.com/lu/podcast/th...0434695680 IAEA Jeffrey Lewis & Aaron Stein Part 810, INVAP, IP3
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Code: moved this post from lounge because it is directly related to the IP3 thread. Read the posts here and you'll see...

Congress passed a $1.8 trillion Omnibus Appropriations Act with $1 billion of funding for nuclear energy programs. That's a billion dollars earmarked for the development of new advanced reactors.

President Donald Trump has proven to be a strong supporter of nuclear power as well.

Back in 2011, in the wake of Japan’s Fukushima disaster, he had this to say to Fox News: “Nuclear is a way that we get what we have to get, which is energy... I’m in favor of nuclear energy, very strongly in favor of nuclear energy.”

Is this even legal?
U.S. nuclear energy developers on Tuesday met with President Donald Trump and asked for help winning contracts to build power plants in the Middle East and elsewhere overseas.
The White House meeting included representatives from a range of nuclear developers, including NuScale Power LLC, TerraPower LLC, Westinghouse Electric Co. LLC and General Electric Co, as well as suppliers Centrus Energy Corp. and Lightbridge Corp. and other companies. It was initiated by Jack Keane, a retired Army general and the co-founder of IP3 International, a company that has advocated American nuclear power development in the Middle East, according to two people familiar with the session.

shush, dont insult them by saying the ICRP is a total failure of science;
A new initiative aims to make the U.S. the global leader in advanced nuclear reactors poised to hit the market in the coming years.

Who cares about Trump and Russia?  Really...the public debate appears so empty.  Led by the nose with political theater. 

 Trump officials tried to fast-track nuclear tech transfer to Saudi Arabia
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout
Pia,  ok, thanks for moving my post.  I see its a duplicate for the most part.  We can delete it.   There are a lot of threads, so...too many for me to keep straight.  You alone have close to a thousand threads.  For my taste, the subjects get buried in the thread count...
we are healthy with background radiation but unhealthy with the same dose from fallout
why the search function is so handy. it gets vey correct returns. I use it often and have noticed other members using it regularly.
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via @SethAbramson (BONUS4) Moreover, an ongoing EDNY probe into Elliott Broidy—Trump's handpicked deputy RNC finance chair—is establishing that Broidy successfully bribed Trump (for Saudi Arabia and the UAE) as to *multiple* policies and issues and even personnel decisions after Trump was elected. https://mobile.twitter.com/SethAbramson/...4138871808
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via murray b @murrayb560sl · US technology for sale to highest bidders. Thanks #TrumpCrimeFamily #Kushner  Multiple Whistleblowers Raise Grave Concerns  with White House Efforts to Transfer Sensitive U.S. Nuclear Technology to Saudi Arabia https://oversight.house.gov/news/press-r...efforts-to  via  @OversightDems https://mobile.twitter.com/murrayb560sl/...2077362176

Washington, D.C. (Feb. 19, 2019)—Today, Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, the Chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Reform, issued an interim staff report after multiple whistleblowers came forward to warn about efforts inside the White House to rush the transfer of highly sensitive U.S. nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia in potential violation of the Atomic Energy Act and without review by Congress as required by law—efforts that may be ongoing to this day.  The report states:

[b]“The whistleblowers who came forward have expressed significant concerns about the potential procedural and legal violations connected with rushing through a plan to transfer nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia.  They have warned of conflicts of interest among top White House advisers that could implicate federal criminal statutes.  They have also warned about a working environment inside the White House marked by chaos, dysfunction, and backbiting.  And they have warned about political appointees ignoring directives from top ethics advisors at the White House who repeatedly and unsuccessfully ordered senior Trump Administration officials to halt their efforts.”[/b]

The report warns that that White House efforts to transfer sensitive U.S. nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia may be accelerating after meetings last week at the White House and ahead of a planned visit to Saudi Arabia by the President’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner:

[b]“The Committee’s investigation is particularly critical because the Administration’s efforts to transfer sensitive U.S. nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia appear to be ongoing.  On February 12, 2019, the President met with nuclear power developers at the White House about sharing nuclear technology with countries in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia.  In addition, next week Mr. Kushner will be embarking on a tour of Middle Eastern capitals—including Riyadh—to discuss the economic portion of the Administration’s Middle East peace plan.”[/b]

The report highlights concerning events involving Saudi Arabia, including the brutal murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, which was met with equivocation by President Trump and other top Administration officials, and the refusal by the White House to submit a report on Mr. Khashoggi’s killing that was requested on a bipartisan basis by the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

The report indicates that there is now serious, bipartisan concern with the Trump Administration’s efforts to transfer sensitive U.S. nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia.  For example, on October 31, 2018, Republican Senators Marco Rubio, Todd Young, Cory Gardner, Rand Paul, and Dean Heller sent a letter to President Trump urging him to “suspend talks related to a potential civil nuclear cooperation agreement between the United States and Saudi Arabia” due to “serious concerns about the transparency, accountability, and judgment of current decisionmakers in Saudi Arabia.”

The report describes new documents and communications between White House officials, including former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, former Deputy National Security Advisor K.T. McFarland, and former NSC Senior Director for Middle East and North African Affairs Derek Harvey, as well as with Thomas Barrack, President Trump’s personal friend of several decades and the Chairman of his Inaugural Committee, and Rick Gates, President Trump’s former Deputy Campaign Manager and Deputy Chairman of the Inaugural Committee who has now pleaded guilty to financial fraud and lying to investigators.

Today, Cummings also sent letters to multiple entities involved with promoting this plan, including the White House; the Departments of Commerce, Defense, Energy, State, and Treasury; the Joint Chiefs of Staff; the Central Intelligence Agency; Flynn Intel Group; IP3; ACU Strategies; Colony NorthStar; and Mr. Barrack.

Click here to read the interim staff report.
Click here to read the documents released with the report.
Click here to read the letter to the White House.
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Here's a twist in the storyline...

Saudi Arabia calls for nuclear weapon-free Middle East http://www.arabnews.com/node/1491131/saudi-arabia


"Saudi Arabia’s deputy permanent representative to the UN, Dr. Khaled Manzlawiy, was speaking at the third session of the Preparatory Committee for the 2020 Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) held at the United Nations’ headquarters in New York.

He told the committee that Israel had yet to sign the NPT, which calls for nuclear disarmament and stresses the commitment of nuclear power states to share their peaceful technologies with abiding member states.

He said all Israel’s installations must come under the regime of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), as outlined in UN Security Council resolutions.

He also expressed Saudi Arabia’s concerns about Iranian reactors, particularly the threat posed by the Bushehr nuclear power plant located several hundred miles from the Arabian Gulf."
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Intelligence, Ethics and Bureaucracy: The Duty to Warn Jamal Khashoggi https://www.justsecurity.org/63955/intel...khashoggi/
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Dem spending bill would block funds to support nuclear sales to Saudis https://thehill.com/policy/defense/44292...-to-saudis


""None of the funds appropriated by this act should be used to support the sale of nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia," the draft bill text reads.

The provision was included in the House Appropriation Committee's bill to fund the State Department and foreign operations for fiscal 2020.

Overall, the bill would provide $56.4 billion for the State Department and foreign operations, casting aside President Trump's request to slash spending at State by 21 percent.

The inclusion of the Saudi provision comes as the administration has been trying to negotiate what's known as a 123 agreement with the Saudis to allow U.S. companies to sell nuclear reactors to the kingdom.

"Given the administration's failure to share important information about these activities with Congress, we included this provision to prevent the administration from selling nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia," a House Democratic aide told The Hill. "We hope this will force much-needed transparency on this issue.""
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Tangentially related... CIA warns Khashoggi associates about threats from Saudi Arabia Foreign security services warn pro-democracy advocates of potential retaliation by Saudi agents. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/05/c...52996.html

Note that the CIA was recently blasted for not having warned Khashoggi about Saudi intent. This is a CIA CYA moment.

Did the U.S. Fail Its “Duty to Warn” Jamal Khashoggi? How U.S. Directive 191 Applies to Kidnapping Threats https://www.justsecurity.org/61001/unite...1-applies/
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via @NoahBookbinder New documents obtained by @CREWcrew show that Tom Barrack, a close friend of the President, sought (with the help of now-convicted felon Rick Gates) a meeting with Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross about a plan to share nuclear technology with Saudi Arabia. https://mobile.twitter.com/NoahBookbinde...6285834240

Source https://www.citizensforethics.org/tom-ba...east-plan/ CREW is Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington a "501©(3) nonprofit organization composed of a small but nimble group of lawyers, researchers, and communicators."


"Related communications with the National Security Council on these issues resulted in whistleblower complaints, but these communications with Commerce haven’t been reported.

In February, the House Oversight committee released a report detailing whistleblowers’ concerns about efforts within the White House to provide nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia in 2017. Among the serious concerns with this incident were that several people involved in advocating for the plan–from both inside and outside the government–apparently stood to make money from it.

One of those people was Tom Barrack, a longtime friend of President Trump who chaired his inaugural committee. Around the time Barrack and others contacted the White House about the Middle East, Barrack was “seeking investment ideas based on the administration’s Middle East policy,” including considering buying part of a bankrupt company that makes nuclear reactors.

Another was Michael Flynn, who served as an advisor to a subsidiary of a private nuclear energy company called IP3 International. Early in Trump’s presidency IP3 drafted and sent to NSC officials plans to share sensitive nuclear technology with Saudi Arabia. One of the documents that IP3 officials sent to the NSC was a white paper authored by Tom Barrack entitled “The Trump Middle East Marshall Plan.”

Records obtained by CREW through a Freedom of Information Act request show that this same document was sent to Commerce officials in March 2017. Shortly after it was sent, a meeting was arranged between Barrack and Secretary Ross by former Trump deputy campaign manager advisor and now-convicted felon Rick Gates, working on behalf of Barrack."

"Though Barrack’s white paper does not mention IP3, it calls for “empower[ing]” the “industrial might of the USA’s private sector” including in the area of “[p]ower generation and distribution.”

These messages show that Barrack’s efforts to influence Middle East policy early in the Trump administration were greater in scope than previously known. He targeted the Commerce Department, in addition to the NSC, and he was offered access to the secretary.

The messages provided to CREW depict chummy relations between veterans of Trump’s campaign and inauguration, who went on to take official positions or try to influence the government from the outside on behalf of special interest clients.

In a second instance, Gates reached back out to Branstad on behalf of former Trump fundraiser Elliott Broidy’s defense firm Circinus as the company sought to secure an endorsement from the Commerce Department to do business with the Romanian government.

“I know Tom briefed you on the US company Circinus, LLC yesterday,” Gates wrote to Branstad in the August 2017 email. “I believe the PM of Romania is scheduled to come over in mid-September and you may already have him scheduled to meet with Wilbur. Please let us know what you need from our side to get this done.” Branstad responded enthusiastically, “On it!”

“Tom” in this case refers to Thomas Hodgkins, who is included on the Circinus messages. Thomas Hodgkins is the name of an inauguration official who is also the president of a lobbying firm, Hodgkins and Associates, but CREW is not able to confirm that this is the same Thomas Hodgkins. Hodgkins and Associates has never registered to lobby for Circinus.

The next month, Hodgkins followed up on Gates’s message “to inquire if you and Sec. Ross would be able to drop by an event with the Romanian Delegation and about 30 guests” taking place five days later. The day after the scheduled event, Hodgkins wrote back to Branstad, “Great seeing you,” suggesting Branstad attended the Romanian event as requested.

Circinus has received the Commerce Department’s endorsement to provide defense work to the Romanian government, with which it entered into a “cooperation agreement.”

Since these messages were exchanged, investigations into President Trump’s campaign, inauguration, and administration have ensnared Gates, Barrack, and Broidy. The emails provided to CREW provide a snapshot of an early administration providing access to the well-connected, before those very individuals were haunted by past actions."
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via @kelly2277 ?PROOF?Here is the proof that Trump chose Flynn for National Security Advisor because of this ACU Nuclear Deal and it’s ties w Russia, Israel, Egypt, & Saudi Arabia. Donald Gross: “It’s a big win for the ACU Project” that required lifting sanctions on Russia‼️ See the message from Donald Gross - https://mobile.twitter.com/kelly2277/sta...0104178688
[Image: 7093706b-d9b9-4b07-823d-3bcd70513fd3.jpe...=438%2C438]

[Image: 59752a12-3fde-4b5f-86f0-996837b337a2.jpe...=438%2C438]
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