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Rad dusts -Kaltofen
Marco Kaltofen: "My publisher (J. Env. Eng. Sci.) featured one of my articles this month and made it open access until 2/22. If forensic analysis of fugitive microscopic radioactive wastes from nuclear weapons production interests you, then you are my intended audience." https://www.liebertpub.com/doi/10.1089/e...=83805056&
just pm me if needed.
An incredible detailed study, and it should ring alarm bells for all nuclear workers everywhere.
These very dangerous hot particles are undetectable by Geiger counters, or even a scintillator detector.

This study shows these hot particles of Thorium, Uranium, Americium and Plutonium are present not only in the nuclear worker environments, but also in their cars, and in their family homes and local communities.

Marco Kaltofen and his team need to be congratulated for this study, it would have taken a great deal of time and effort.
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