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$43 Billion & Growing
Detailed article on the history of the nuclear waste fund which earns $1.5 billion in interest annually.

Nuclear waste burial fund grows to $43 billion, but DOE has not buried an ounce of spent fuel 
- Radioactive waste still stuck at San Onofre and other reactors across the nation https://www.ocregister.com/2019/02/01/bi...e-horizon/


"But “scientific confidence about the concept of deep geologic disposal has turned out to be difficult to apply to specific sites,” the Congressional Research Service said. “Every high-level waste site that has been proposed by DOE and its predecessor agencies has faced allegations or discovery of unacceptable flaws, such as water intrusion or earthquake vulnerability, that could release unacceptable levels of radioactivity into the environment.

“Much of the problem results from the inherent uncertainty involved in predicting waste site performance for the 1 million years that nuclear waste is to be isolated under current regulations.”

Winder when the last audit on that fund was.
just pm me if needed.
So, in 30 years the project will have paid for itself in interest and the work might begin if only we can find a place that's safe for a million years. What a plan.
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