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New Hampshire Cancers
2016: Family in Seacoast [NH] Cancer Cluster seeks answers "this kind of cancer is associated with the [gene mutation] that had been discovered in 2009" https://wgme.com/news/local/family-in-se...-to-cbs-13


"The cancer is called Pleuropulmonary Blastoma, or PPB for short. It is rare and is associated with a gene mutation. Health officials want to know why it is showing up in a certain geographical region.

Jason and Susan Kindstedt of Rye are one of several families affected. They want to know if the environment is a factor. Their daughter, Amy, who is nine, was diagnosed with PPB in 2014.

"When they told us that (PPB) was the new diagnosis they told us this kind of cancer is associated with the gene that had been discovered in 2009, so we should have our other two children tested for the genetic mutation," said Susan Kindstedt. 

The Kindstedts did test their other two children and discovered their son, 3-year-old Hunter, also had cancer."
just pm me if needed.
DHHS Examines Cancer Clusters on Seacoast

“,,,’We’re not only investigating that further,’ said Chan. 'We’re also trying to address the concerns people may have about specific exposures. The Coakley landfill is one of them. The Pease Tradeport is another. Both of those are EPA superfund sites.,,,'...”


It’s Not Just Cancer! Radiation, Genomic Instability and Heritable Genetic Damage

“,,,He concluded from his investigations that low dose exposure, and therefore even natural background radiation, is mutagenic and there is no harmless dose range for heritable effects or for cancer induction. His work was honoured by the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1946….”

Sea spray contains radioactive isotopes from many sources including nuclear waste dumping in the ocean, nuclear bomb testing in the atmosphere or on the ground or even underground testing, etc. Inhalation by sea spray gives radioactive isotopes from whatever source direct access to the body. Plutonium e.g., never leaves the body and is available to the biosphere even after a person is buried or cremated. How many nuclear energy reactors dump their cooling waters into the ocean directly or in rivers which dump into the ocean. Even during normal operation of a nuclear energy reactor, radioactive isotopes are emitted into the atmosphere every day, and when the fuel is changed huge amounts of radioactive particles and gases are released into the atmosphere.

☢ Yellowcake Cartel dumping radioactive waste at sea since 1943 - U 234 with U 235 cargo at Cape Cod


Eakins J D, Lally A E, (1984b) The transfer to land of actinide bearing
sediments from the Irish Sea by spray. Science of the Total Environment
35, 23-32. [Citation from p. 203 of ECRR 2010]


Millions at fatal risk as Fukushima radiation poisons Pacific – Chris Busby

“…The point about these radionuclides is when you ingest them they go to the gut, and a large proportion of the really serious ones – plutonium and uranium – don’t get across the gut. The main source of danger is inhalation of sea spray and inhalation of resuspended sediment, because once they get into the lungs, they don’t have this barrier that they had in the gut, so they go straight into the lymphatic system and can get anywhere….”


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