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Found more stuff very late last night or very early this morning depending on the reference point we use.
Was searching for info on Waterford sudden shutdown, I used this search term;

Waterford nuclear station shutdown January 2019

Numerous items turned up, several about Millstone in Waterford, CT. , so much for search engine algos.

But two of the items were of interest.


Upcoming Outage Work - Day & Zimmermann - Home

Waterford Nuclear Power Station, Refuel/Maintenance, South, 1/5/2019, 2/9/2019 ... Browns Ferry, Refuel/Maintenance, Southeast, 3/2/2019, 3/27/2019.

NRC: Event Notification Report for January 07, 2019

"At 2028 [EST] on January 3, 2019, with the reactor at 85% power, the reactor was ... to: (A) Shut down the reactor and maintain it in a safe shutdown condition.'

The first item explains why LA_Waterford was shutdown, it's in RFO. No coastdown and NRC posting lapse threw me off.
I didn't even check my own 2019 Spring RFO Sched that I posted on this site. D'oh.

The second item was of particular interest because it's the same addy as the Jan 04 one I ran across.

I thought maybe it's a generic EN dump they were stuffing everything into until they get their site corrected.

When I went to the page it showed only two EN's for power reactors and not the ENs for other events.

I checked the selector page again and 2019 was still not there.

I thought maybe they are using the generic page ( /en.html ) for display and saving past data in another pagefile.

So I took a look at the page source code to see what I could find.

      and there's the directory structure.

So I typed it into the addy bar ( well not really, I invoked the 2018 page and just changed the 8 to a 9
'cause I'm lazy and once I find a way to be lazier I use it. )
and bingo! there was the listing of all the 2019 ENs.

Now that t have all the EN info I was able to update all the files for 2019.
Dates with reactor ENs are Jan 02 ( Fermi ), Jan 04 (Palisades), Jan 07 (Palisades and Pilgrim).

As of today the selector pages have 2019 available.


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