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Found some stuff.
While searching for info on dry casks, I used this search term;
Palisades shutdown  

Palisades is one of the units Holtec wants to buy.  

Which turned up two items.

Palisades nuclear reactor shut down over turbine valve issue | mlive ...
2 days ago ... COVERT, MI — The Palisades nuclear plant's reactor is shut down following an issue with a valve on a turbine, according to a document ...

Palisades reactor shut down Thursday night | Local News ...
1 day ago ... COVERT — Palisades nuclear power plant operators manually shut down the reactor Thursday after fluctuations of a turbine governor valve.

So that was interesting.

The second itme has this particular sentence;

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission reported that “all full-length control rods inserted fully. Auxiliary Feedwater System actuated as designed in response to low steam generator water levels.”

The parts in quotes are typical lingo for an EN.
But the NRC hasn't been posting EN or RS reports, so where did this come from?

Modified the search term.

NRC Palisades shutdown January 2019

Two hits.

   NRC: Event Notification Report for January 04, 2019
     Current Event Notification Report for January 04, 2019 .... Facility: PALISADES ... "At 2028 [EST] on January 3, 2019, with the reactor at 85% power, the reactor ...

This is the direct link to the EN


"All full-length control rods inserted fully. Auxiliary Feedwater System actuated as designed in response to low steam generator water levels.

Right out of the EN. How did she ( ALEXANDRA NEWMAN author of the second item ) know it was there?

   NRC: Power Reactor Status Report for January 04, 2019
    Current Power Reactor Status Report for January 04, 2019 ... Palisades, 0. Perry 1, 89. Point Beach 1 ... Page Last Reviewed/Updated Friday, January 04, 2019 ...

Here are two examples of the addys for normally filed reports.

Event Notification Report for December 31, 2018

Power Reactor Status Report for December 31, 2018

Notice the 2019 report(s) are not in a sub directory ( /2019 ) and they don't have the usual date stamp ( /20190104 ).

I searched for other dates, but got nothing.

This is also interesting “all full-length control rods ". Are there half length control rods?

The fact that the normal Reactor Status ( RS ) report was available reminded me of another data source the NRC has.

I used it before to collect daily reactor power status but it's presented alphabetically by unit name and the daily is presented by NRC region, alphabetically.

I had to build a converter and the file is the last 365 days in a continuous push down stack, it is easier to process the daily RS reports.

 The link is on this page;

Power Status (raw data text file) for the last 365 Days

From that I was able to extract reactor power data for Jan 1 to Jan 4.
I will post the regular Daily Dose info under each date to maintain the posting stream, at least provide slots in case more info gets posted later.

If the NRC hasn't corrected their filing errors Monday I should be able to get power info up to Monday.

Weird stuff.

Btw something going on at Pilgrim, reported 23 % power on Friday, down from 79% Thursday, 100 % Wednesday.
By now it's probably shutdown.

Staup Knewkinus

As I go to post this I see HHD posted about the shutdown already. Always on top of it HHD. Cheers.

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