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December 2018 Chat
Thanks for your contributions and dilgence, Code. Your content is always informative and thought provoking.
just pm me if needed.
Hey Code, you've become a senior member. Congrats, I guess you're old enough now.

Just noticed Staup is a senior member too. Congrats.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Code - free minds can never be imprisoned. The policy is in place for good reasons. Avoid falling into traps of your own making and you can soar. Surprised you didn't stick with truth and create a kindergarten hell to express your feelings about having to follow the rules.
just pm me if needed.
I figured that after your eruption on my personal message about not wanting to manage a kindergarten, you would have focused there, instead of acompketely fabricated fantasy of anger. 

Don't forget, you are neither naive or ignorant. 

If you want to play hard ball in public, go for it. 
just pm me if needed.
Whatever the issue you have is, please remember you agreed to the policy and that I don't want to do that dance again.
just pm me if needed.
The membership policy that everyone agreed to upon registration is located here http://caferadlab.com/thread-2288-post-6...ml#pid6716

Code - being an antinuclear activist doesn't give license to repeatedly insult others. It's one thing to point out the errors of others, but commenting on personalities, in offensive ways, is prohibited here. You can rail away against the rules, but, the rules exist to prevent CRL from becoming another ENENews where character assassination occurs regularly.

You said: "That last sentence I havent been able to understand.  'Surprised you didn't stick with truth and create a kindergarten hell to express your feelings about having to follow the rules'" Above, yesterday, you posted a lengthy, imaginative, but fabricated reality as a 'grievance' of sorts. I was surprised you didn't jump off from my comment in a private message to you, which was "I really don't like the feeling that I am dealing with a kindergarten class at times here." This wasn't meant to identify you as a child, but to express my dismay at recent events here which lean heavily towards the offensive content posted at ENENews. 

We aren't here to be another ENE. 
just pm me if needed.
My take is that professionals don't join in for the same reasons they don't do other social media on the topic of nuclear. I can't speak for them directly, but, I can report that when asked to partake, they are more than happy to let me post their comments for them. I gave up trying to bring them in because they are busy people with bigger projects in hand.

Yes, it would be nice if they joined in, but, I can't blame them for not participating. Social media venues on controversial topics can wind up being an exercise in futility. What with trolls, shills, antagonists and all... few people are intereted in spending time battling those whose goals include spinning time out of control. There are far better ways to present their findings, ways that don't expose them to the dark underside of the nuclear world. For example, re social media trolls -

"A troll’s top priority is to disrupt the normal order of business and elicit some sort of emotional response. They get a sort of savage pleasure from stirring up controversy and sling around insults to see how many feelings they can hurt. They’ve been around since the early days of the internet and lurk around every corner." source: https://www.dreamhost.com/blog/how-to-st...et-trolls/

Professionals aren't interested in the work of trolls.They are choosing their battles wisely. 

If you have specific questions for any of them, I may be able to help bring back responses.

The logo is fine and there are better ways to spend my time than messing around with a new logo. My disabilities prevent me from spending a lot of time concentrating on detailed projects.

As for your admin question - we have already discussed this issue a couple of times. Nobody is above the rules, but, if you insist on pushing the envelope and poking the bear, you may not like what you hear in return. If you are offended by my responses to your pokes, then perhaps you should go back and look at how this all began - another member registering complaints against you. 

Everybody gets the same level of attention and scrutiny. If posts are creating conflict, it's my job to bring balance. If anyone doesn't like the rules and won't refrain from offensive behavior, there will be consequences. This site is meant to provide legitimate information without all the noise that sites like ENE have. Measuring the success of this site, for me, is as simple as seeing news about topics here spring up in the media and twitter.
just pm me if needed.

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