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December 2018 Chat
ENENewsers rejoice, Antirad found a link on Majia’s Blog to an archive of ENENews.  

(11-29-2018, 04:46 AM)antirad Wrote: I followed a link that majia gave on her blog and found a complete archive of the articles and headlines of enenews.  With one link, all the pages are at the bottom and linking on a page brings up another page of headlines, and every headline when linked on gives the article with comments.


The "last" page is the first chronologically, and is page 367.


Code is looking for a suitably derogatory name for a thread on Geiger Counter shortcomings. Here's my entry.

Geiger Mueller Investigation


Kicking the can.  The deluxe nuclear fuel dry cask might last 100 years.  
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
I wonder if the Vegas odds makers know the real risks of something happening at the dumping ground.  I'll bet those slots get hot.  Can't help but notice the military hand in the proposal.  

Nevada Balks at Feds’ Plan to Store Plutonium Near Vegas
December 3, 2018

Quote:(CN) – The state of Nevada has sued the Trump administration to block shipment of more than a metric ton of plutonium from South Carolina to a site 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas, citing health concerns and the lack of an environmental impact statement.

The U.S. Department of Energy and National Nuclear Security Administration say the plan to send an unspecified number of 35-gallon stainless steel drums of plutonium-239 by truck from the Savannah River Site to the Nevada National Security Site isn’t dangerous but haven’t given any assurances to back up their claims.

Once the shipments leave South Carolina, “Nevada will forever lose the ability to formally comment upon safety and environmental concerns related to the shipments,” the lawsuit says.

After making it the Nevada site, the plutonium would be “staged” for “an indefinite period of time” before being moved to Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico to be used for making nuclear weapons at some point in the future.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Nuclear industry decline inevitable global trend: expert
By Yonhap
Published : Dec 6, 2018 - 15:39
Quote:The scholar, also known as an anti-nuclear activist, continued, "Every dollar can be spent on much more efficient measures to avoid greenhouse gas emissions."

Despite the inevitable renewable energy trend, existing nuclear reactors often become "powerful innovation barriers", as shown in countries like South Korea, Japan and Germany, he pointed out.

To keep the skill sets for safe management of the existing fleet and prepare for their shutdown, Schneider suggested the nuclear industry should shift its focus to the decommissioning market, which is expected to grow when old reactors are retired one by one over the coming decades.

"There will be many, many reactors that will be shut down and there will a huge market for the decommissioning market in the future," Schneider said.

Some form of nuclear industry will be with us for a long time.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Certainly the waste mgt path will go on forever.
just pm me if needed.
I don't think the military will ever let go of the nuclear industry. Mostly out of sight, hiding behind power production and research, the military will continue to fund a core fleet of reactors. If it was just a matter of economics we wouldn't have pursued nuclear energy the way we have.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
They will have to eventualky, the 'don't bank on bombs' divestment campaign is working. My take, mil won't want change, but they won't have a choice.
just pm me if needed.
Admiral Rickover, the father of the nucler Navy, warned against the dangers of nuclear radiation:

“Hyman George Rickover, U.S. Navy (27 January 1900 – 8 July 1986) was a United States Navy admiral who directed the original development of naval nuclear propulsion and controlled its operations for three decades as director of Naval Reactors. In addition, he oversaw the development of the Shippingport Atomic Power Station, the world's first commercial pressurized water reactor used for generating electricity. Rickover is known as the ‘Father of the Nuclear Navy’.

• “’I'll be philosophical. Until about two billion years ago, it was impossible to have any life on earth; that is, there was so much radiation on earth you couldn't have any life — fish or anything. Gradually, about two billion years ago, the amount of radiation on this planet—and probably in the entire system—reduced and made it possible for some form of life to begin... Now when we go back to using nuclear power, we are creating something which nature tried to destroy to make life possible... Every time you produce radiation, you produce something that has a certain half-life, in some cases for billions of years. I think the human race is going to wreck itself, and it is important that we get control of this horrible force and try to eliminate it... I do not believe that nuclear power is worth it if it creates radiation. Then you might ask me why do I have nuclear powered ships. That is a necessary evil. I would sink them all. Have I given you an answer to your question? '.

“On the hazards of nuclear power. Testimony to Congress (28 January 1982); published in Economics of Defense Policy: Hearing before the Joint Economic Committee, Congress of the United States, 97th Cong., 2nd sess., Pt. 1 (1982)

• “’I am not proud of the part I played in it. I did it because it was necessary for the safety of this country. That's why I am such a great exponent of stopping this whole nonsense of war. Unfortunately limits — attempts to limit war have always failed. The lesson of history is when a war starts every nation will ultimately use whatever weapon it has available. ... Therefore, we must expect that if another war — a serious war — breaks out, we will use nuclear energy in some form. ‘

o “On his reasoning in developing the nuclear arsenal of the US and on the prospects of nuclear war. Testimony to Congress (28 January 1982); published in Economics of Defense Policy: Hearing before the Joint Economic Committee, Congress of the United States, 97th Cong., 2nd sess., Pt. 1 (1982)…”


Norway mourns hero who sabotaged Nazis' nuclear project

Joachim Rønneberg, who has died aged 99, led team that blew up heavy water factory

“Norway is mourning the saboteur Joachim Rønneberg, who led a five-man team that daringly blew up a factory producing heavy water, depriving Nazi Germany of a key ingredient it could have used to make nuclear weapons.

“The prime minister, Erna Solberg, said Rønneberg, who died on Sunday at 99, was “one of our finest resistance fighters” whose “courage contributed to what has been referred to as the most successful sabotage campaign” in Norway.

“Rønneberg, then 23, was recruited by the Special Operations Executive, or SOE — Britain’s wartime intelligence gathering and sabotage unit — to destroy parts of the heavily guarded plant in Telemark, southern Norway, in a raid in February 1943.

“In a 2014 Norwegian documentary coinciding with his 95th birthday, Rønneberg said the daring operation went ‘like a dream’ — a reference to the fact that not a single shot was fired. Parachuting on to snow-covered mountains, the group was joined by a handful of other commandos before skiing to their destination. They then penetrated the factory to blow up its production line.

“Rønneberg said he made a last-minute decision to cut the length of his fuse from several minutes to seconds, ensuring that the explosion would take place but making it more difficult to escape. The group skied hundreds of miles across the mountains to escape and Rønneberg, wearing a British uniform, ended up in neutral Sweden….”

Colin Powell: ‘Nuclear Weapons Are Useless’

“General Colin Powell in an introduction to a new film called the Nuclear Tipping Point didn’t mince words. In a forceful and direct presentation, the former Cold Warrior talked about his experience in dealing with nuclear weapons throughout his military career. Powell discussed the nuclear planning that he conducted against the Soviets in Europe and the responsibility of having oversight of 28,000 nuclear weapons as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Through these experiences, Powell concluded that nuclear weapons are “useless” and ought to be eliminated.

“POWELL: ‘The more I got into nuclear weapons. The more I realized that these weapons must never be used. And then I became Chairman of the Joint chiefs of staff in 1989 and I had 28,000 nuclear weapons under my supervision. And every morning I looked to see where the Russian submarines were off the coast of Virginia and how far away those missions were from Washington. I kept track where the Russian missiles were in Europe and in the Soviet Union. The one thing that I convinced myself after all these years of exposure to the use of nuclear weapons is that they were useless. They could not be used. If you can have deterence with an even lower number of weapons, well then why stop there, why not continue on, why not get rid of them altogether…This is the moment when we have to move forward and all of us come together to reduce the number of nuclear weapons and eliminate them from the face of the earth.’…”

More news about some of that radioactive particulate matter. Terrible ways that people are learning what radioactive particulate matter does to us. 

Cancer as Weapon: Poppy Bush's Radioactive War on Iraq--If George Bush Sr., Dick Cheney, Colin Powell and Bill Clinton are still casting about for a legacy, there's a grim one that will stay around for an eternity.  
Jeffrey St. Clair - December 07th, 2018 - MintPress News Minneapolis.
Quote:When the tank-busting bombs explode, the depleted uranium oxidizes into microscopic fragments that float through the air like carcinogenic dust, carried on the desert winds for decades. The lethal dust is inhaled, sticks to the fibers of the lungs, and eventually begins to wreck havoc on the body: tumors, hemorrhages, ravaged immune systems, leukemias.

Indeed, the problems at DoE nuclear sites and the contamination of its workers and contractors have been well-known since the 1980s. A 1991 Energy Department memo reports: “during the process of making fuel for nuclear reactors and elements for nuclear weapons, the Paducah gaseous diffusion plant… created depleted uranium potentially containing neptunium and plutonium”

But such excuses in the absence of any action to address the situation are growing very thin indeed. Doug Rokke, the health physicist for the US Army who oversaw the partial clean up of depleted uranium bomb fragments in Kuwait, is now sick. His body registers 5,000 times the level of radiation considered “safe”. He knows where to place the blame. “There can be no reasonable doubt about this,” Rokke told Australian journalist John Pilger. “As a result of heavy metal and radiological poison of DU, people in southern Iraq are experiencing respiratory problems, kidney problems, cancers. Members of my own team have died or are dying from cancer.”

Depleted uranium has a half-life of more than 4 billion years, approximately the age of the Earth. Thousand of acres of land in the Balkans, Kuwait and southern Iraq have been contaminated forever. If George Bush Sr., Dick Cheney, Colin Powell and Bill Clinton are still casting about for a legacy, there’s a grim one that will stay around for an eternity.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."

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