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Dominion Scam
20181100 | 88 pgs | The Nuclear Power Dilemma
Declining Profits, Plant Closures, and the Threat of Rising Carbon Emissions

[ Chart on pg 4 shows Millstone as profitable. ]  

[ In an earlier piece Myth of Necessity - Bailout was the original Dominion scam-a-rama expose. ]


20181119 | CT_Millstone_2 | State backs Millstone bid to compete as zero-emissions player in energy auctions |
Stephen Singer November 19, 2018

Connecticut regulators have declared Millstone Power Station at risk of retirement,
a designation that owner Dominion Energy Inc. has sought as it looks to participate in state auctions to sell zero-emissions power.

Power generators have rejected arguments that Millstone needs state backing for a more profitable route to sell energy.

Potential competitors say Millstone does not generate a renewable resource similar to wind and solar,
but leaves behind nuclear waste difficult to dispose of.

Dominion has broadly hinted it could close Millstone without state intervention for more access to energy markets.
[ Hey don't threaten us with a good thing just close it. ]

A report issued by the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and PURA in December 2017 said that under various market conditions the present value of Millstone’s cash flow from 2021 through 2035 is expected to be between $1.3 billion and about $2.4 billion.

Even at the low end, Connecticut’s sole nuclear plant should remain “deep in the black,” the study said.

Dominion said the findings understate Millstone’s costs, but it did not publicly provide proprietary information about costs.
[ This is the same thing they did when they wanted a bailout, make claims but wouldn't open the books. ]


Dominion Energy, SCANA Announce All-Stock Merger With $1,000 Immediate Cash Payment To Average South Carolina Electric & Gas Residential Electric Customer After Closing

A $1.3 billion cash payment within 90 days upon completion of the merger to all customers, worth $1,000 for the average residential electric customer.

SCANA would operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Dominion Energy.
It would maintain its significant community presence,
local management structure [ the same people that screwed things up in the first place. ]
and the headquarters of its SCE&G utility in South Carolina.


[ Here's the propaganda site for the suckers err.. customers. ] https://dominionenergysouth.com/

[ Nuthin' but rah, rah, rah. Wonder if anyone will notice or realize that Dominion is creating an energy monopoly and the near term benefits will become the long term shackles. ]
[ Notice there's no mention there about the 'local management structure' being retained. ]


[ IMO Dominion is out to make the CT ratepayers/taxpayers ( basically the same people ) pay for the Summer fiasco. ]
[ Don't be surprised if at some point in the future Dominion restarts the construction at Summer. ]

Dominionus Scaminus e Pluribus - Dominion Scamming Everyone

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