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WEBCAM January 2016
JNN cam - just now - at 04 after the hour ( 4:04 pm Japan Time ) --- a big white ship (not a barge ) was on the right side of the screen.
I couldn't get a screen grab because I was trying to get rid of that Flash settings box. The box disappeared and so did the ship. It was high in the water like an empty container ship. Very large in size and not so far off shore.
1-23 pm sparks and webs on both tepcams.  Don’t really expect to see many sparks in the rain, thought the water on the lens might block or dim them.  Found a few on cam1 with some distortions, but was surprised to find some on cam4 amidst the heavy steaming of emissions. Notice the last count on cam 1 was only a half hour count, so it was starting to spark at a 30 per hour rate.

Saw one of the sparks in the time lapse at 19:27:49

Cam 1
17:53:50 – 18:58:31  one hour  7 sparks  3 distortions
19:02:41 – 19:57:41  one hour  10 sparks
20:00:09 – 20:29:44  half hour  16 sparks  1 distortion

Cam 4
17:31:10 c4 spark blue
19:12:39 distortion
20:03:30 c4 spark green
21:53:17 c4 spark grn faint  
Four and a half hours  3 sparks  1 distortion





Cali, thought you might like these clouds.  

1-24 07:20 – 07:42 jst starting about 1:20 in, I saw pink clouds drifting out to sea in front of the r1 tent, below roofline.  

"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Hi Horse - I posted in the Gamma on Cam thread, wanted to post in January's webcam folder too but I don't know how repost without having to attach pics again. Here is the link.

Thread #14

Forgot to mention this earlier, did anyone see the men in white walking around last Tuesday? 1-26-16 was a very active.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVnUaV0FkzM 2016.01.26_09.00-12.00.Unit4side

Chasaha - 0:56 mark shows 3 men in white come out from Spent Storage Fuel Pool rafter and working on the bottom corner where that white flame appeared a while back, a consistent hot spot. Then at 1.18 two men in white appear on top of the pipe roof next to R4 around 10:26am.
This area is always filtered in front of this white building on cam4 which could possibly be called the "Radioactive Waste Storage Facility" from this Wikimapia link.
1-25-16 at 2:10pm


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