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Nuclear won't COMPLETELY destroy the planet...
Scientists Find Bacteria That "Breathe" Uranium

...Even radioactive sites that are dangerous for humans are 'home sweet home' for certain microbes. And now, researchers have found a remarkable species of bacteria that 'breathes' uranium and thrives in abandoned uranium ore processing sites. The newly discovered strain, which belongs to a class called betaproteobacteria, was found in the soil at an old uranium ore mill in Rifle, Colorado. The mill was once used for nuclear weapons production and the site is still radioactive to this day.

As described in PLOS ONEthe bacteria somehow take a spare electron from the uranium in a process called 'reduction.' It is unknown whether the resulting uranium is in a state safe enough for humans to interact with. However, if this is the case, then it could be a novel way of clearing up uranium-polluted sites efficiently. Scientists are also unsure of the potential impact these organisms could have on the environment, so more research needs to be done. ...

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