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WEBCAM November 2018
Thanks RRrogue for telling us how to get it. Weird but effective.
We need more newbies like that! My deepest appreciation RRrogue.
FukushimaDaiichi Webcam 4  2018 11 05 07:23 JST
Yes, thanks RR, that was easy. 

Boats are patrolling on the ocean this evening. One had a flood light moving around that looked like they were searching for something and the other had a bright two second flash behind R1.  

It's good to see cam4 back.  Looks a bit askew, the vent tower looks like the leaning Tower of Pisa.  The light flares at the bottom add some color.  Reminded me of the full view that tbg grabbed years back.  
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Hi fellow Webcam viewers.  The screen cap you posted above Horse with all the colors would make a nice pro-nukers holiday postcard  I think...   Cool 2014 long distance webcam 4 archive pic of tbg's you found!   I  tried testing a screen capture attachment and it was too big the editor said.  I thought I read a thread on how-to instructions for attachments, but can't find'm now.  Any links to them if there are?

PS: 4.3 earthquake 40.1 km depth E of Namie 2018-11-26 22:26 UTC
Screen captures usually get saved as bmp files which are too fat, use MS Paint or any good graphics program to convert them to jpeg format.  A full screen capture may also be too big, resize to 90% to make them fit. The flowplayer window is too small when I grab it and I resize them to 190%. Use the full edit or new reply to add attachments.  You can load 4 attachments to each post.    

I watched one of the EQ's at 11-27 08:35 jst shake cam4.  There were three EQ's in the 4.x range that day.  Some sloshing of the common pool may have occurred because I did notice a few more sparks that night.  We've been so lucky that another big one hasn't hit.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Spark reports

11-11 200146 spark.bmp
11-11 200249 spark.bmp
11-11 200729 spark.bmp
11-11 200930 spark.bmp
11-11 201122 spark.bmp
11-11 201513 spark.bmp
6 in 20 minutes, a nice little burst.

11-23 181103 d.bmp
11-23 181104 d end.bmp
11-23 181130 spark.bmp
11-23 181552 spark.bmp
11-23 182050 spark.bmp
11-23 182155 spark double.bmp
11-23 182235 spark.bmp
11-23 182326 spark.bmp
11-23 182410 spark.bmp
11-23 182658 spark.bmp
11-23 183257 spark.bmp
11-23 183605 spark double.bmp
11-23 183941 spark pair.bmp
11-23 184134 spark.bmp
11-23 184936 spark.bmp
11-23 185845 spark.bmp
14 sparks and 1 distortion in an hour.

11-23 190907 spark.bmp
11-23 191615 spark.bmp
11-23 191646 spark.bmp
11-23 191834 spark.bmp
11-23 193204 spark.bmp
11-23 193326 spark.bmp
11-23 193713 spark 1f.bmp
11-23 195027 spark.bmp
11-23 195044 spark.bmp
11-23 195223 spark.bmp
11-23 195322 spark.bmp
11 sparks in an hour.  

Pretty normal counts for Cam1.  I have a larger monitor recording cam4 and when it wasn't available I used the larger monitor for cam1.  It was much easier to notice the sparking on the larger monitor.  When I went back to recording cam4 again; cam1 got the small monitor.  You can see the difference in the grabs of the fancier sparks I picked out.  


11-28  Some work lights came on at dusk on cam4 that took me by surprise.  I thought maybe Tepco was stringing Christmas lights for us.  First time I've noticed these and thought to mention them because they might have something to do with activity under reactor 3's new roof. They were all out by 17:00.    


11-30 Cam1 had shifted into black and white.  Went looking for what was happening when it changed.  It looked like some of the big lights went out and when they came back on the camera had switched to black and white mode. The color came back in the morning.  

11-30 174808 spark.bmp
11-30 174821 spark.bmp
11-30 175427.bmp
11-30 175428.bmp
11-30 175429.bmp
11-30 175432 1.bmp
11-30 175432 2.bmp
11-30 175432 3.bmp
11-30 175433.bmp
11-30 180023 spark.bmp
11-30 180606 spark pair.bmp
11-30 180947 spark.bmp

"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."

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