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Argentina Brasil
Argentina Nuclear Facilities Map http://www.greenpeace.org/argentina/es/c...Argentina/

My "observation" about nuclear power in Argentina is that I am having difficulty finding public notices of radiation monitoring and events at sites/related facilities/operations. Not very transparent. But, here is an article (in Spanish) about Uruguay's concerns.

29 Nov 2014 Uruguay plan to deal with any accident at Atucha II http://www.elpais.com.uy/informacion/uru...ntual.html

ABACC is the organization managing nuclear safety in Argentina and Brasil. http://www.abacc.org.br/?page_id=5&lang=en - not finding any up to date entries. Many notices in archives are several years old.

NTI details ABACC http://www.nti.org/treaties-and-regimes/...als-abacc/
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