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August 2015
Submitted by HorseCam at Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/FukushimaWebCam...servations (sort of a primer on notes and analysis)

  1. 8-12 The remote cranes were put down after the fuel handling crane removal, as if TEPCO was preparing for a storm. No remote or small crane activity so far this work week.
  2. Spark report on three hour's of 8-9-2015 found 51 sparks, avg. 17 sparks an hour.
  3. http://s87.photobucket.com/user/HorseCam...y/8-9-2015
Notice the twenty sparks of activity before the steam/smoke/fog blotted out the view. It's a pattern I've noticed that increased sparking is followed by increased fogging, so I don't think it is just normal fog. The gamma sparks remind me of an outdoor fireworks show, a calm night the fireworks get muted by their own smoke, a light breeze blows the smoke away and the fireworks are bright and clear again.

Posts by Horse transferred from Reddit /r/FukushimaWebCamWach

“Thus it is concluded that the presence of these radio-nuclides in atmospheric aerosols can increase their seeding capability and more fog can form in the atmosphere. Therefore the presence of radioactive aerosols is also one of the so many factors responsible for fog formation.” 6 Issue 14 Gohar Ali, E.U. Khan, N. Ali, H. A. Khan, A. Waheed http://www.pmd.gov.pk/rnd/rnd_files/vol7...harAli.pdf

When TEPCO says the fog interfered with recent efforts, they would like you to believe it is just normal fog, but it was an increase in radioactive emissions as evidenced by the gamma spark counts that increased the fogging problem.

8-19 arc show. The arc danced around for the three hours I looked for sparks. To me, the arc looked like a real spider web strung from the hood down across the cooling tower to just below the middle of the right side edge, reflecting a small faint arc of light as it blew in the wind. The arc of light traveled a path from the tower to the right edge. I haven’t seen any spiders on that cam lately. Not seeing the arc on 8-20 pm so it blew away? The arc may be some radiation effect on the camera. Watch the gamma storms on the ISS live feed to see the many kinds of color blobs and streaks as well as the sparks when gamma radiation hits the ccd sensors.

Here are two three minute clips of the 8-19 arcs and a spark report.

    3 minute Arc dance 22:50 – 22:53. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ivi3uhwcgs3dsv...e.flv?dl=0

    3 minute Arc dance 23:03 – 23:06. https://www.dropbox.com/s/1vayc1h2wcvw4z...e.flv?dl=0

    8-19 Spark count, 3 hrs, 61 sparks. The gamma sparks averaged 20 per hour while the arc of light danced. 24 sparks between the long delays is an increase in intensity over last week’s 15 spark average. http://s87.photobucket.com/user/HorseCam...2015%20arc

11-01-2014 Blast from the past, one of three nights that the r1 tent got real bright last Holloween. I only had a half hour recording but I found 10 sparks in it. I haven’t seen the bright light in the r1 tent since. If anyone sees the r1 tent lit up as in these 10 spark grabs, please let me know, post a jst and I’ll go looking for it. 1. http://s87.photobucket.com/user/HorseCam...20lit%20up

8-27 Heavy rains for a couple days. While it might clean the air for a bit, the storm will send another pulse of Fuku runoff into the sea. August was a slow month, cam watchers didn't have much to post. Jec pointed out the 8-19 arc show. He also spotted sparks in the dark part of reactor 1's open roof.
@jec, 8-20 daytime sparks. Can't believe you found those. Spark grabs: 1. http://s87.photobucket.com/user/HorseCam...e%20sparks

3 minute clip: 2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vba2uijzj9d29n...g.flv?dl=0

via JEC

"Webs/plasma/electric looking strings of energy on CAM4, 08272015 22:17 JST time. CAM1 shows the view of the events on the right side, see the light spots and flashes in the far distance over reactor 3 area. "

via Horse

The intense flashing lasted about two minutes and rapidly dropped to a flash every few minutes. Here are some of the real time recordings I managed to get when the light show was dying down.





I have been watching the TEPCO live feeds for a few years. Holloween 2014, I saw a spectacular light show under the reactor 1 tent that I think is an example of fission occurring at Fukushima Daiichi. The 60x time lapse videos remove most of the action but are the only record in the public domain I could find. Notice how bright the normally dark reactor 1 tent is. Notice how much time is missing from the time lapse videos. I started recording but only caught the tail end of it. This unusual event prompted me to start recording the two TEPCO live feeds 24/7 in real time. Being able to examine real time recordings, I have found much that just doesn’t show up in the popular utube videos.

    Oct 30 - At 1:16 in at 20:14 jst small flash. Missing one hour of this clip. 2014.10.30_18.58-21.01.TimeLapse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roUipCrGOk8

    Oct 31 - At 1:10 in at 20:09 jst many flashs noticeable even on an r1 tent brightly light. Missing one hour of this clip. 2014.10.31_19.00-21.00.TimeLapse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wnc5Z9QcUYo

    Nov 1 - Flashes start halfway in. Notice the color bar at 19:47 jst 2014.11.01_18.00-21.00.TimeLapse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXN5lRQxeUs

    Starts with r1 brightly light. R1 tent dims at 21:36 jst. 2014.11.01_21.00-00.00.TimeLapse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3N3fYk4yzxc

    Nov 2 – At 2:50 in a flash at 20:50 jst. 2014.11.02_18.00-21.01.TimeLapse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7R-EdwEm1XA

    At 00:47 in, a color bar at 21:46 jst. At 1:42 in flashing starts 22:42 jst. 2014.11.02_21.00-00.00.TimeLapse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RL5k9SnVe0c

    Nov 3 – At 0:37 in Flash at 18:43 jst. At 0:53 in a color bar 18:59 jst. 2014.11.03_18.07-19.22.TimeLapse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzXv-uN7jR0

    Watched the fireworks show in real time, stunned, instead of starting a recording. The bright strobe flashes rocked r1 for 2 minutes. The flashes in the clips are only one sixtieth of the show. Notice the clip is missing an hour and 20 minutes. At the beginning of this clip you might notice some single pixel lights flicker in the black sky above the tent, those are gamma bursts recorded by the ccd cameras. More on gamma sparks to follow. 2014.11.03_19.21-21.00.TimeLapse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdpItFmBt3Y

    Lights out at 21:50 jst. 2014.11.03_21.00-00.00.TimeLapse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmMXcxo35j4

    I do have some of this recorded in real time. Most of the flashes lasted but a single frame or two. Here’s the flash at the end that lasted 10 frames. I thought it looked like a ghost haunting reactor 1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/1oqeiozv65vchc...s.flv?dl=0

Pia Reply 10 Aug:
I saw some of the web cam vids with orange, fire like flashing and glowing and was always shocked that nobody beyond web cam watchers and some other interested parties were discussing those events.

Because TEPCO's Fukushima catastrophe is truly a globally impacting and ongoing event, there ought be a lot of discussion about the meaning of the unexplained physics activity evidenced in the videos (especially when those events are compared with known radiation increases within scientifically reasonable periods of time after such events). Among others who've been watching Fukushima unfold, I believe that fission & re-criticalities have occurred for quite a long time post 311 (March 11, 2011).

Will view the videos, thank you for sharing,especially with your analysis. Smile What Pia saw:

1st video, yes, there is a flash, a lightening of the space near bottom left corner.
2nd video, yes, several flashes, same "region" but larger in size. I note also the "desert heat wave" effect in that region which is of a pinkish hue.
3rd video, yes, color bar (technical issue with recording system) and flashes (fission/physics) and "desert heat wave effect ongoing (emissions) evidence.
4th video, yes, the quality of light changes (dims, becomes shadowed); also note the contrast of background atmosphere (dark/black night) reveals strong evidence of emissions from the next facility, r2.
5th video, yes, more flashing (and change in quality of light, shadowed on r1 in the same region as flashes - something else - a fuel pool not in the video view?), and again, emissions at the next bldg. The crane work (evidenced by shadows on r1) would be in the vicinity of where the light quality changes are coming from.
6th video, yes, another technical issue of video equipment (source of issue at camera or in-house); more flashing and quality of light change (spotlight turned on or moved or something passes across [not I think] or a sustained large burst? [not I think]); and in the lower right region the colors emitting from the ground are pinkish and greenish, especially noticeable toward end of video.
7th video, yes, technical video issue, and the "desert heat wave colors" still evident in several regions.
8th video! Wowww... I started thinking, you know how TEPCO does say "radiation is too high" in some areas so they use the remote crane system - I'd like more detail about what that means exactly. They never discuss the physics of what is occurring and I believe it behooves the rest of the world to demand explanations, especially in light of seemingly accelerating climate events.
9th video, more flashing, more "desert heat wave" pink and green visible.
10th video - I don't discern anything from that - not to say there is nothing to discern. When I had a slip fall accident in 2009 one of the responses was disturbance with my vision and that clip is probably too short for me to discern changes.

[–]HorseCam Just started posting last year, will look into yutube. Some cammers have had content removed there for violating copyright, didn't want any trouble, most of the content submitted for analysis is TEPCO feed. Haven't figured out how to do a slideshow presentation on utube, but could try it out for videos. A friend wants me to post utube and monetize it with ads, such is life. I welcome suggestions as to how to get more information to the public about the ongoing Fukushima disaster that media continues to ignore. The nuclear fires continue and will get worse as TEPCO waits for decay time to pass.

What I hope to convey is that some event occurred under the reactor 1 tent early November last year. Another uptick of gamma activity began in May and continued off and on thru June and July. Activity has continued in August. I note that after the big finale of the reactor 1 roof panel removal and the fuel handling crane removal from reactor 3, the cranes have not moved all week. Looking busy for a press release is not getting the job done very quickly. The many delays TEPCO announces should be an indication of how difficult and dangerous the cleanup is and how lame the response has been to this ongoing emergency.

[–]HorseCam Posted those timelapse vids because of the lights in reactor1's tent. The light was so bright it illuminated the r1 area on Cam4. The long version of r4 cam recordings shows the three nights that the r1 area lit up for a couple of minutes.

Look by r1 in the lower left hand corner starting about 13:37 2014.10.31 20:00-21:00 1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0S5mx4FZ7gU

Look by r1 starting about 13:30 to 14:40 2014.11.01 20:00-21:00 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xO1IWNF3ksQ

20:27 jst Look by r1 starting about 13:45+ into the 30 min clip. 2014.11.03 20:00-21:00 (long ver 2x) 3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j56lOqN4K...entP-kHtiQ

That event under the r1 tent was when I noticed an uptick in the gamma sparking. I know the timelapse's of cam1 don't show how bright the tent got or the flashing/strobing of the light inside, but I'll be ready next time. If anyone should see lights flashing in the r1 tent please post a jst date/time. Now that the r1 roof panel is off again, you will be able to see sunlight illuminating a portion of the side of the tent, note how bright that is and then look at the cam1 timelapses again. When have you ever seen the r1 tent lit up at all?

via HorseCam

8-28 @jec, looking for sparks on cam4… First I grabbed the wrong recording and found a nice blue spark at the jst you posted. Ready to post when I noticed the date was wrong. Went looking in the 8-28 recording, looked twice, no sparks. Did see very faint light flicker on, where the stuff sticks up from the r3 pit. Saw light flicker there a few times like some crane movement on the dockside of the pit. Saw the cranes moving a few times this week even with all the heavy rains.

Don’t often find sparks on cam4, so here’s the 08-08 spark over r3 on cam4. http://i87.photobucket.com/albums/k146/H...lihe4b.png

Look what bo found a few days ago. Crane collapse @ 1:30

2: 2015.08.26_10.00-13.01.Unit4side https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KzLFjfg...e=youtu.be
just pm me if needed.

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