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Checking it out
Hello and good day all , bit nervous stepping in..its a very clean , diciplined place here..spooky lol. But i will try to make me fit in..the option to delete everything i say could come in handy Blush

I will copy/paste a small conversation on ENE i had a week ago.. to explain why i'm nervous..i dont have a sciencetist brain , more an amateur philosopher with a sharp tongue and a big space in my chest for the living planet , and sometime a keen eye in detecting patterns..on ENE i delivered my contributions to the sleepwalking world mostly from the OT space..

On a further note..not sure i can be of any use over at RLC..seems to have a more narrow spectrum of things that can be focused on..and i'm more of a big picture painter..from all angles..

ambio, there is a general discussion area at cafe rad lab. Your synthesis commentary is good in my opinion and once you get the feel of CRL, you would enjoy the clean functionality. You can edit. Great for me, I already deleted so many words! You can try it
Ok thanks Code , i'm not ready yet but i keep it in mind..Smile"
Hi DUDe, welcome. Detecting any patterns in sea life die-offs? Start a topic. I think we can handle the big picture. I think the increasing radiation Fuku keeps adding to the environment is worse than the other toxins. Removing the plastics, oil, and PCBs contamination is easier than removing the radiation but we can't even do that. Too bad when there's no sea life left to feed us.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Thanks for the welcoming words Horse , there is so much manmade destruction on so many levels that its hard to pinpoint what demise is caused by what hostile activity..the kind of change humankind needs to perform about "its way's" to stand even the smallest chance to not end up sterilising the planet forever is mindblowing..
And the only thing we activist can do is keep holding up the mirror showing the true state of things and never stop making some noise..
Like Hillbilly said at ENEnews - Should have some experience from this playground to carry over…

Just let the truth sound above the noise.  

We have a better playground than over there.     Cool
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Welcome DUDe. Look forward to seeing your posts!
just pm me if needed.
Thank you Pia , i will have to do some more reading around first to get a clue how things resonate here..but i have a petition article against the forced global/space implementation of 5G technology that is well enough written/informative and important i think..

I will use it as first exercise in creating a thread..awesome ! Smile

(09-28-2018, 05:42 AM)Horse Wrote: Just let the truth sound above the noise.  
Thanks Horse , that was good brainfood..

The noise is sort of an instinctive attempt to draw attention to the message but it often takes over and then pollute/blocks the message..right ? I see what you mean.. Big Grin

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