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New Hibakusha Mita Clinic
“NEW HIBAKUSHA” - the beginning of “Degradation in Abilities”, physical and mental well-being Shigeru Mita, MD (Mita Clinic) 6 pg PDF
just pm me if needed.
Pia, that was an interesting find, practical field experience in times of low level radiation exposure. Most notable was the impairment of the glandular systems, immune system, and neurological center. Advanced aging of the body is something I've read before and thought was an apt description of radiation poisoning.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
hypofunction of the pituitary-adrenal axis is the primary cause when examining the "Degradation in Abilities". 

low level nuclear fallout alters the metabolism. Note this is distinct from the common view of a linear dose effect from all ionizing radiation, which has been usually considered a random chance of un-repaired DNA damage leading to mutations.  A specific metabolic change like hypofunction of the pituitary adrenal axis isnt explained by random DNA damage. Not specifically, only as a metabolic response to injury or altered bioinformation circuits. 

The significance of this is that 

> the outdated concept of nuclear fallout danger is an impairment to understanding, diagnosis and treatment. <

Bandazhevsky showed that the glutaminergic pathway was a key aspect of this.  From Chernobyl autopsy, they found the highest accumulation of Cs-137 was found in the endocrine glands, in particular the thyroid, the adrenals and the pancreas. High levels were also found in the heart, the thymus and the spleen.

The levels of Cs137 radiation dose that cause pathological changes are very low....similar to background radiation. In my mind at least, this says that all diseases can be partly attributed to nuclear fallout rather than the claim of no provable causation.Levels of nuclear fallout at background levels cause metabolic changes that are predispositions of many diseases.  

80% of the Fukushima radiation reportedly went into the sea, and thus all sea life was influenced and predisposed toward a variety of disease states. There are many bioconcentration factors that can raise the diluted levels of fallout to equal background levels.  There can be no doubt about it; Fukushima fallout is part of the etiology of the Pacific morbidity and mortality events.

'The affection of the central nervous system by incorporated radionuclides Cs-137'  Bandazhevsky
I think it would probably be best to avoid contaminated areas.  SimplyInfo.org has a new article about the microparticles that spread to larger parts of Japan than just the officially defined contamination zones.  

"Newer studies call these microparticles “CsMPs” (Cesium bearing micro particles)."  

"The study stresses the health concern that these microparticles pose due to cellular damage from the highly concentrated radiation level."

Suggests that Fuku's CsMPs are a particularly dangerous type of fallout.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
The microparticles spread far and wide. 

Dr Mita; "As a result, the decreasing number of white blood cells were extremely common in children, especially with infants; in the hot-spot area such as east side of Tokyo from 2011 to 2012. But later it has spread to the west area of Tokyo, such as Musashino area, then taking over the whole of Tokyo.
Generally speaking, Tokyo is not downwind of Fukushima

Dr Mita seems to have some success treating the ailment, which is, under our current science, not diagnosable;
"Those who practice medicine must be aware that past practices may not be able to prove or directly correlate to recent and any up-and-coming health problems “NEW HIBAKUSHA” face. " ..." "The cause of "Degradation in Abilities" can not to be proven"  "some of the cases received of MRI scans of the brain don't show significant abnormalities in central nervous systems; cognitive function also seems normal. The thyroid hormones are always the main topic but they seem normal with no significant differences when compared to a healthy person.... Patients who are not well but manage to live with discomfort show levels from within the lower of the average range"

What is urgently needed is a new attitude in nuclear health physics, medicine and of course then politics and industry. Bandazhevsky, Busby and others have gone far to show a new level of understanding, but the rest of science resists.

Mankind; making dead zones and sick zones of our round blue spaceship earth.  No escape

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