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Hokkaido NPP 10 nervous hours!

6th September 2018 - Japan nuclear plant's power restored after quake triggers Hokkaido blackout


Power was restored to a nuclear energy plant in Hokkaido, northern Japan on Thursday after a strong earthquake left it relying on emergency generators for 10 nervous hours, but it may be a week before lights are back on all over the major island.

In another echo of the 2011 disaster, Hokkaido’s situation was compounded by difficulties in receiving supplies from neighboring regions that remain dominated by separate utilities with their own grids.

This free community resource was created after the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe so people could quickly locate International radiation monitoring stations in the event of a major nuclear event. It is regularly updated. With the earthquake swarm continuing in northern Japan it would worth keeping and eye on the situation there.

List of International Radiation Monitoring Stations

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