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Rad Truths & Credibility
This opinion piece by Tim Richards fleshes out concerns about data and analysis authenticity. ICRP & IAEA vs. ECRR. It helps frame the "whose data are we going to trust" dialog.

21 Aug 2018: The nuclear establishment cannot be trusted on radiation https://nation.cymru/opinion/the-nuclear...radiation/
just pm me if needed.
Tim Richards makes a big error when he says " Biological alteration occurs only in those cells that are hit by the particle. Cells that are missed by the particle suffer no injury. With internal emitters, the unit of interest for gauging biological effects is individual cells, not whole masses of tissue."

I base my argument against the ICRP dosimetry on the opposite of that statement.

I understand how he got the idea. Unfortunately it doesnt help
It'd be good to have him chime in, perhaps there's a lesson here.
just pm me if needed.

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