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Quantum Pendant Scalar Technology
Someone provided a Quantum Pendent to test, it uses Quantum Scalar Technology. Smile
What is a Quantum Pendant you ask?
It is a wearable pendant around 5cm in diameter, made from  specialized Japanese lava based compound and plant extracts like Hemp protein. Claims are that it protects the wearer from EMF radiation emitted by Wifi devices, cell phones, power lines etc., and has positive benefits for your health.
The Youtube video below, indicates there are fake versions of Quantum Pendants being sold.

There are a large number of different styles of Quantum Pendants being sold on the Internet, much more than referenced in this video. There is a lot of debate on the Internet over which versions are actually the fake version of the Quantum Pendant. We have no idea which product is the official version. Ebay prices varied wildly from hundreds of dollars to a couple dollars.
Below are the Pancake Geiger counter and Scintillator test results of the pendant that was provided for testing. Yes, you are supposed to wear this pendant to get the energy benefits! It turns out for some strange reason, that the person who provided it for testing doesn't want it back, and said I could have it!
The Pancake Geiger result minus background was 2170 Counts Per Minute (CPM), or around eighteen times the local background here.

                                                                        (Note: This test is a log chart.)
[Image: ThereminoGeiger_2018_07_31_12_23_39-1024x770.jpg]
The scintillator Gamma radiation test result minus test chamber background was 230 Counts Per Second (CPS). The test chart shows the decay daughters of Thorium-232. This pendant does make an excellent peak calibration test source for the scintillator test equipment here.
[Image: Quantum-Pendant-Japanese-Technology-TV7....24x581.png]
In my opinion the one provided for testing was significantly radioactive!  I can only say that the one provided for testing had radioactive material in it. Are other Quantum Pendants this radioactive? I have no idea, you would need to have them tested to find out.
Here is what the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA), has to say about these pendants.
Anti-Proton tested one in 13 January 2013 and detected Uranium and Thorium decay daughters.
By the way, I definitely will not be wearing this pendant!
It has been put to good use. It is stored in a lead lined container and used for radioactive peak calibration of scintillator test equipment here.

Disclaimer: This is an amateur volunteer run service. Human error can provide incorrect information, and equipment malfunction can produce false readings. Do not rely on, or take action upon information presented on this web site, without further research.
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I trust you will safely store that 'gift' in lead forever. Some kinda creep that sent that to you. I wonder how international and local postal authorities feel about radiation being sent so freely.
just pm me if needed.
I've seen many different pendants claiming to be protective of RF being offered at new age trade shows.  They often give free samples.  I never took the claims seriously because RF would just travel around them, you'd need to surround yourself with those things to block RF like a faraday cage protects electronics inside.  Had no idea some of these pedants are radioactive.  Glad I avoided them.  I searched online if thorium is electro-conductive but I couldn't find anything conclusive other than it can be used as a radiation shield.  Thorium is used in gas lantern mantles and considered safe enough for that commercial use.  Thorium has been used as an additive in filaments (as ThO 2 ) of magnetron tubes.  Natural thorium may also contain some uranium.  Both uranium and radium are electrical conductors.  Something else I found interesting was uranium is a semi-conductor material and in fact may be used as electronic devices get smaller; uranium might replace silicon and gallium/arsenic semiconductors.  Uranium could also be used to make more efficient solar panels.  
Thomas Meek
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Wait... Horse... are you suggesting that increasing the use of uranium and thorium consumer products is acceptable?
just pm me if needed.
wearing it as a necklace would place it over the thymus gland.

Higher or lower than background? Government assessment;  "The estimates of dose are considerably less than doses received by the Australian population from radiation found naturally in our environment." 

 I wonder what the cpm reading of the same mass of potassium salt reads, for comparison? Im guessing the pendant is more radioactive than potassium chloride but perhaps not hugely more. This gets into the interesting background radiation question of toxicity.

The alternative health field latched onto and tries to market any new revelation of science.  I liken it to a child that has been given a bunch of electronics components, puts them in a box and shakes it up, hopeful he will create a radio.

That said, some 'fringe' researchers actually do put a lot of time and effort into their interests. A common method is to test the biological effect of the gadget in question on plants.  Its possible that devices like this can have an effect on plants, either growth retardation or growth enhancement. The labels of 'quantum', 'scalar' and 'tachyon' probably have nothing to do with the effect and the inventors likely dont know what they are doing. 

Its a little surprising but the story of non conventional energetic biological research is large and fascinating. Possibly relevant to this product is the use of lava rock.  In the agricultural community, lava rock was found to have a paramagnetic effect on plants and is used to increase crop yields. This is not quack science.  This paramagnetic effect was popularized by an entomologist who discovered that the geometry and waxy material of insect antennae confers a true electromagnetic antennae effect, capable of receiving fluoresced pheromone chemical signals modulated by insects on infrared bands over distance. Its a common feature to have a geometric pattern on such devices because measurements have demonstrated a passive far infrared or microwave resonance effect due to the cavity resonator array. Such geometries are used widely in science and industry.  Even the microwave oven uses a simple geometrical device to generate microwaves.  I doubt the geometry on this pendant achieves much or any effect with its raised features on the back.

A common method to test human biological response is muscle testing, i.e. kinesiology.  Muscle testing can be delusional depending on the belief and influence of both the person testing and the one being tested.  Yet kinesiology is used in mainstream physiotherapy.   Certain products that claim to have EM or RF shielding may actually produce a biological response.  The mode of action may not be known.  The device does not shield the electromagnetic energy but would somehow interact with the biology...at least the mind (placebo) of the wearer and alter the biological response to the EM.  One old method is easy to experiment with;  The Lakhovsky coil is a simple loop of wire that you  put around the stalk of a plant.  

experiment shows deleterious effect of wi fi on plant growth

In he early 1900s, Lakhovsky found a correlation of cancer and certain soils, probably radioactive.  He was able to ameliorate the effect with simple coils. The exact nature of the effect is probably not known


A distinction can be made of different energy windows.  Science has for a long time dismissed any possibility that electromagnetism could produce any harm at energy levels below the thermally measurable level. But studies, often from eastern europe, have existed for several decades now, showing various biological responses.  These responses can often be considered 'informational' but result in real biophysical changes.  Its perhaps in this low level that any of these pseudo scientific gadgets may or may not have any effect. The danger (besides the radioactive pendant above) is obviously when someone is hoping to truly shield dangerous electromagnetic fields. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.3...ode=iebm20
(08-19-2018, 05:08 PM)piajensen Wrote: Wait... Horse... are you suggesting that increasing the use of uranium and thorium consumer products is acceptable?
I know that radioactive materials have been used in commercial products and applications.  I think the pendants should not be sold at all.  They are not blocking RF energy in any practical way but I thought them harmless decorations sold to an ignorant public.  I was grateful that Vital1 tested them and posted the warning.  Radioactive tubes were replaced by better silicon devices.  Tritium exit lamps should be replaced with LEDs.  It's amazing how much radioactive material has crept into our lives.  I actually got sidetracked stumbling on the semiconductor properties of uranium pdf.

Code - I've experimented with simple copper hoops around plants with some surprisingly good results.  The wire had to be conductive, thus copper.  The diameter seemed to matter, had something to do with tuning to specific electromagnetic frequencies.  I think I had been reading about orgone energy or some such.  More interested in how certain low level radiation may be affecting the body's electrical field.  Different elements have differing electrical properties.  Some elements, though very active may have beneficial effects (K-40) while other elements have shown destructive effects.  Semiconductors are non-linear devices using a small change in potential to produce a large change in current, amplifying a signal.  "Semiconductors, such as silicon, are somewhere in between a conductor and an insulator. Some electrons in the semi-conductor are allowed to flow, especially when released by heat or light"  I didn't know that uranium was a semiconductor and was more efficient than silicon.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
(08-19-2018, 03:07 PM)Horse Wrote: Thorium is used in gas lantern mantles and considered safe enough for that commercial use.  Thorium has been used as an additive in filaments (as ThO 2 ) of magnetron tubes.  Natural thorium may also contain some uranium.  Both uranium and radium are electrical conductors.  Something else I found interesting was uranium is a semi-conductor material and in fact may be used as electronic devices get smaller; uranium might replace silicon and gallium/arsenic semiconductors.  Uranium could also be used to make more efficient solar panels.  
Thomas Meek

November/December 2008 - The Hidden Radioactive Danger of Mantle Lamps


Users of mantle lamps should especially avoid breathing in the particulate ash or getting any ash in their food. ("Thorium ash is very bad to inhale," Walter says, "as it simply sits in the lungs for months to years, and when it eventually gets into the blood, it goes directly to the bone, where—again—it stays for years.")

It's impossible, of course, to avoid some exposure while changing the mantles . . . however, since that procedure normally requires only a few minutes, the total risk is small (less than one chance in a million of a resulting cancer). By contrast, leaving a mantle in a pocket for hours at a time increases the risk of cancer considerably (up to one chance in 10,000).


Read the whole article it is very enlightening. Most people have no idea of the risks, or the law suite.

Wikipedia Extract:

Safety concerns were the subject of a federal suit against the Coleman Company (Wagner v. Coleman), which initially agreed to place warning labels on the mantles for this concern, and subsequently switched to using yttrium.


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Vital1, if you have the chance, please measure some potassium chloride. Inexpensive and widely available.

Its interesting the pendant was made from Japanese lava. If it was collected after the fukushima disaster it could contain hot particles
(08-19-2018, 12:37 PM)piajensen Wrote: I trust you will safely store that 'gift' in lead forever. Some kinda creep that sent that to you. I wonder how international and local postal authorities feel about radiation being sent so freely.

"Some kinda creep that sent that to you."

Nothing malicious intended by the person who provided the Quantum Pendant for testing. I have a microwave meter plus Ionizing test equipment, people in the local community know this and occasionally provides items for testing out of curiosity.

I have tested a number of microwave radiation protection devices for Mobile Phones, Tablets, etc., over the years and none have reduced the overall radiation exposure to the user. I think this person had originally had brought this pendent to me to test it's microwave protection properties. I just happened to test it with the Pancake Geiger first.

This free guide has suggestions on page two on how to lower your family's Microwave Radiation exposure. Take the time to go through the short education videos that are provided in the guide.

Free WiFi Safety Guide Screen Shot

[Image: microwave-safety-guides.png]
(08-19-2018, 08:53 PM)Code Wrote: Vital1,  if you have the chance, please measure some potassium chloride.  Inexpensive and widely available.

Its interesting the pendant was made from Japanese lava.  If it was collected after the fukushima disaster it could contain hot particles

Here is a 2012 test of 430 grams of potassium-40 (K40). I was using an older version of PRA software back then.

PRA - http://www.gammaspectacular.com/marek/pra/index.html

[Image: Potasium-Chloride-430-grms-080912-67-11.jpg]
CafeRadLab  Free Guides and Resources For Everyone Here!

Get Prepared For Earth Changes!

The purpose of life is to learn to express your personal energy Creatively and Lovingly!

Industry puts radioactive material in products with very little consumer notice. Thorium isn't as safe as they want us to believe. Thorium has a cult following trying to exploit the thorium-uranium fuel chain and testing reactors. https://whatisnuclear.com/thorium.html
OK, maybe the thorium gas lantern mantles weren't such a good idea, the yytrium replacements are not much better. I don't think they can use radioactive materials without polluting some spot on earth and spreading contaminants to other parts.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Vital1, thanks. I was curious how the pendant compared to the potassium in terms of radiation intensity.
Toxicity of low level radiation is a rather confounding subject. The intuitive feel for toxicity based on such measurements may not hold.

Much of the research in reduced or ultra low radiation environments suggest you might want to wear the pendant if you go deep underground to visit one of these laboratories!

Code, I would still not rely on that pendant, it is the wrong element in the wrong place.  

Quote:The response of cells to radiation levels between this level and SB could indicate whether the transition to a stressed cell state at LB is a binary switching effect, or whether it happens gradually, both of which could shine light upon the underlying biological mechanism by which populations respond to their radiation environment.

Sorry it took me awhile to read the paper and I can't say I understand all of the technical jargon.  Life doesn't do well in the absence of background radiation.  I know we have this discussion crossing different threads too and you or Pia may shoot me for screwing up the threads but the above quote stood out.  Underlying biological mechanism could be referring to the bio-electric field of our body. Most biologic processes seem to be an on-off or diode action yet here was mention of gradual effects or transistor action.  Normal cells exhibit this diode action, on is working, off is cell death but cancerous cells don't simply shut off like they should, they go into an amplified state of growth, a transistor action.  Alt science has explored the body's bio-electric field making up a lot of new words in the process, mainstream science pretty much ignores biologic electrical charges and concentrates on chemical processes.  I thought you might be on to something with K-40 providing the energy for a cell's electrical activity.  

Quote:The electrical charge of the potassium ion becomes +1 after losing an electron. A potassium atom has a charge of zero so when it loses one electron, which has a negative charge, the potassium ion will have a +1 charge. If this electron is transferred back to the potassium ion, it will return to a charge of zero.

Read more on Brainly.com - https://brainly.com/question/1807539#readmore

A trickle charge of electrons to power life.  A simple diode action, conducting or not conducting electron flow.  Radioactive material shows a transistor effect, non-linear amplification.  

Nanomaterial turns radiation directly into electricity
Quote:Tests of layered tiles of carbon nanotubes packed with gold and surrounded by lithium hydride are under way. Radioactive particles that slam into the gold push out a shower of high-energy electrons. They pass through carbon nanotubes and pass into the lithium hydride from where they move into electrodes, allowing current to flow.

“You load the material with nuclear energy and unload an electric current,” says Popa-Simil.

Too much current fries electronics and they don't operate without some current.  

I think we're batteries.  I can measure millivolt's across my two hands.  A body of electrical activity, that beats my heart to a certain rhythm, and fires off synaptic activity in my brain.  

DNA is thought to be just a chemical factory, creating proteins according to a blueprint.  Bust a strand and repairs are attempted.  I think it does a lot more than that but I'll wait for science to try and explain it to me.  A radioactive particle that slams into DNA can break a strand or double strand but the real damage is done by the release of high-energy electrons.  DNA accesses an information field that gets disrupted by high-energy electrons.  Ionizing radiation carries enough energy to free electrons from atoms or molecules and disrupts electric circuits.  

Some people advocate 'grounding' to restore equilibrium.  Make physical contact with earth ground. I like to garden for that and the greenery helps restore me too.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Horse, thanks for your thoughts.

As a broad outline, it can confidently be stated that;

1. Science has not mastered life, has not understood it fully, has not unlocked all of its mysteries

2. Biology is highly complex and in addition to the lock and key mechanical action, have information and energy channels that traverse cells and respond to geomagnetic and solar fluctuations.  

3. while currently biology is largely looked at chemically and mechanically, the electromagnetic aspect is slowly being understood and is a primal key to life

4. life has used nearly every aspect of natures forces yet discovered, and the few exceptions may yet be found to be utilized.  And something many scientists cant admit; they dont know everything about the forces of the universe.

The idea that some ionizing radiation may be good for you is a touchy subject, rejected by nearly everyone. Anti nuclearists imagine that if that were true, their entire fight might be lost. But the story of life is simply too amazing to be pinned down neatly by pre conceived ideas or simplifications.  Biology is more complicated than anyone can imagine.

For example, despite discoveries, scientists still dont know exactly why the body forms its shape. Almost all cells have the same genetic 'blueprint' , how do they know where they are in order to express different genes at the right time and place to make the lens of an eyeball in an exact shape and position, the hair cell of a certain length placed in the cochlea to hear sound etc. In addition to protein regulators like the sonic hedgehog https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonic_hedgehog 
ionic and voltage gradients are shown to be major players in morphogenesis. This is interesting because natural radiation is usually far less radiation dense (specific activity) than fallout.

see advances being made in electrobiology https://ase.tufts.edu/biology/labs/levin/

a paper  https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/view/1...university

The emerging picture of biology; Living things are miracles of complexity, integration, sensitivity, uber refinement and function. Humans are a mechanical chemical, electromagnetic lattice, pulsing to the 'music' of nature, the planet and the cosmos. We are a web within a web. Our feeling of separate autonomy is  an illusion.

We can touch down on two fascinating examples of biological super technology; quantum effects and electromagnetic function; (if quantum mechanics has only been known for a little over 100 years, what other secrets of nature await discovery?)

Experiments have shown that enzymes make use of quantum tunnelling to accelerate biochemical reactions. Enzymes cause electrons and protons to vanish from one position in a biomolecule and instantly rematerialise in another, without passing through the gap in between – a kind of quantum teleportation.

DNA is sensitive to electromagnetic fields, resonant to specific frequencies. Its fascinating how much DNA you have;

The total length of your DNA would make 260,000 round trips to the moon or roughly 10 trips from the sun to pluto (estimates vary)

It has been shown that there are electromagnetic resonances in biological molecules (proteins, DNA and RNA) in the wide range of frequencies including THz, GHz, MHz and KHz. These resonances could be important for biological function of macromolecules, as well as could be used in development of devices like molecular computers.

The microtubules in your cells, emerge as a kind of tree of life.  Potassium, with its primordial radioactivity plays a most fundamental role in biology. It cant be said with certainty that the radioactive aspect is inconsequential to some functions.



Quantum mechanics has not yet played a big roll in the study of radiation biology, but Its suggestive.  If biology can utilize and control quantum effects, does this involve natural radiation in any way?

Quantum Tunnelling to the Origin and Evolution of Life
 this review demonstrates that tunnelling can do far more, being of vital importance for life: physical and chemical processes which are crucial in theories about the origin and evolution of life can be traced directly back to the effects of quantum tunnelling. These processes include the chemical evolution in stellar interiors and within the cold interstellar medium, prebiotic chemistry in the atmosphere and subsurface of planetary bodies, planetary habitability via insolation and geothermal heat as well as the function of biomolecular nanomachines. This review shows that quantum tunnelling has many highly important implications to the field of molecular and biological evolution, prebiotic chemistry and astrobiology.


You’re powered by quantum mechanics. No, really… 
Code -

Quantum tunneling sounds like something to be applied in the transference of atoms, in holography.

Accurate measurement of laser intensity using photoelectron interference in strong-field tunneling ionization



Accurate determination of laser intensity is of fundamental importance to study various phenomena in intense laser-atom/molecule interactions. We theoretically demonstrate a scheme to measure laser intensity by examining the holographic structure originating from the interference between the direct and near-forward rescattering electrons in strong-field tunneling ionization. By adding a weak second-harmonic field with polarization orthogonal to the strong fundamental driving field, the interference pattern oscillates with the changing relative phases of the two-color fields. Interestingly, the amplitude of this oscillation in the photoelectron momentum spectrum depends on the parallel momentum. With the quantum-orbit analysis, we show that the amplitude of the oscillation minimizes when the time difference between the recollision and ionization of near-forward rescattering electron is half cycle of the fundamental driving field. This enables us to measure accurately the laser intensity by seeking the minimum of the oscillation amplitude. Moreover, we show that this minimum can be determined without scanning the relative phases, instead, by just monitoring the interference patterns for two relative phases. This facilitates the application of our scheme in experiment.


I'm not seeing the application of quantum tunneling in discussions of the effects of man-made nuclear radiation upon carbon life forms (potential effects of vital1's radioactive pendant).

If we are discussing the potential for moving atoms from one location to another, then I see the point. But, certainly, that's not something that large populations ought be subjected to - that's a very specific scientific research study - not about human health.

And then, there's this:

May 2015: Physicists solve quantum tunneling mystery https://phys.org/news/2015-05-physicists...stery.html


Quantum tunneling plays a role in a number of phenomena, such as nuclear fusion in the sun, scanning tunneling microscopy, and flash memory for computers. However, the leakage of particles also limits the miniaturisation of electronic components.

Professor Kheifets and Dr. Igor Ivanov, from the ANU Research School of Physics and Engineering, are members of a team which studied ultrafast experiments at the attosecond scale (10-18 seconds), a field that has developed in the last 15 years.

Until their work, a number of attosecond phenomena could not be adequately explained, such as the time delay when a photon ionised an atom.

"At that timescale the time an electron takes to quantum tunnel out of an atom was thought to be significant. But the mathematics says the time during tunneling is imaginary - a complex number - which we realised meant it must be an instantaneous process," said Professor Kheifets.

"A very interesting paradox arises, because electron velocity during tunneling may become greater than the speed of light. However, this does not contradict the special theory of relativity, as the tunneling velocity is also imaginary" said Dr Ivanov, who recently took up a position at the Center for Relativistic Laser Science in Korea.

The team's calculations, which were made using the Raijin supercomputer, revealed that the delay in photoionisation originates not from quantum tunneling but from the electric field of the nucleus attracting the escaping electron.
The results give an accurate calibration for future attosecond-scale research, said Professor Kheifets.

"It's a good reference point for future experiments, such as studying proteins unfolding, or speeding up electrons in microchips," he said.


And this:

Physicists leverage quantum tunneling to collect energy from Earth’s heat  https://bigthink.com/philip-perry/physic...arths-heat


Instead of dealing with it as it is, researchers at KAUST decided to treat IR radiation as electromagnetic waves. Lead researcher Atif Shamim said that "There is no commercial diode in the world that can operate at such high frequency." To make this breakthrough, they turned to quantum tunneling. This is a weird phenomenon in quantum mechanics where a particle can move through a solid barrier, one that it doesn’t have the energy to surmount.

Say a ball comes at a wall. This ball is a particle and the wall, a barrier it meets. The ball doesn’t have enough energy to climb over the wall. So inexplicably it somehow tunnels through it, by disappearing and suddenly reappearing on the other side. Tunneling requires less energy than climbing over and is possible due to what’s known as superposition.

Since any particle’s position and form isn’t completely fixed, until measured, this ambiguous state allows particles to do some pretty weird and surprising things that can’t be explained by classical physics. Though quantum tunneling is beginning to be used in technology, such as with quantum computing, physicists still don’t understand exactly how or why it happens.
[Image: quant-tun-2.jpg?1518969433] The KAUST IR Antenna. Credit: KAUST. So what KAUST researchers did was, instead of using a semiconductor to move electrons through, they took advantage of quantum tunneling. Shamim and colleagues fashioned a bowtie-shaped nano-antenna attached to a metal-insulator-metal (MIM) diode. Infrared waves are pulled in by the antenna, then pass through an incredibly thin barrier, which allows electrons to be collected in a matter of femtoseconds (quadrillionths of a second).

The nanoscale antenna is two overlapping metal arms with a thin film of gold and titanium in the middle, allowing for the generation of an electrical field that invites tunneling. The material used doesn’t get hot or cold, so it doesn’t need to be cooled or heated.

This technology is scalable since its design is based on physical rather than chemical properties. Postdoctoral researcher Gaurav Jayaswal, who worked on the project, said in a press release, "The most challenging part was the nanoscale overlap of the two antenna arms, which required very precise alignment. Nonetheless, by combining clever tricks with the advanced tools at KAUST’s nanofabrication facility we accomplished this step.”

Researchers say this could be a real “game changer” for renewable energy. While photovoltaic solar panels can only collect energy during the day, when the sun is shining, infrared heat can be collected 24-7, in any weather. This method could be used to recoup energy from waste heat generated during industrial processes as well.
just pm me if needed.
Pia, I admit that quantum biology does not add much to the subject of nuclear fallout health effects...not directly. But it fits into the picture that the science of biology is expanding, and this growth often invalidates or supersedes earlier dogma. It is the dogma of the ICRP dose model, the common comparison of fallout to background radiation, and the lack of scientific explanations for low level fallout toxicity that makes it so frustrating to make a powerful stand against the nuclearists and science world generally.  

With quantum and electrophysiology, I was making the point that we are electrodynamic beings, acutely sensitive to changes in our external and internal environment (fallout is generally a low level thing, dismissed by science minds). And that the alarm over the radioactive pendant, stored now in lead, was perhaps indicative of the conundrum of radiation toxicity.  How toxic is the lead container? Can biology handle the radiation level of the pendant, being of background source?

I say the super fine electromagnetic and even quantum revelations of biological research are relevant to the discussion! Perhaps one of Dr Mousseau's students will be inspired by such research leads. Im not throwing random stuff on the table, Im building a picture of biology, the sciences, and possible avenues to understanding the obscure and multifactorial paths to fallout caused disease.

It is shown that biology does use quantum tunneling, its a biological engineering feat! With such command of natures forces, its not unthinkable that biology has managed to handle, even use the radiation inherent in potassium if not other sources of background radiation. That would be a breakthrough in understanding the fallout/background conundrum.  Conversely, the deforming and disease causing potential of fallout ionization and electric field gradients can be inferred, something beyond the usual clustered DNA break theory.  The following gives a fascinating glimpse into natures refinement, and a causal link to cancer;

"Vibrations in microtubules and actin filaments are analysed using a method similar to that employed for description of lattice vibrations in solid state physics. The derived dispersion relations show that vibrations in microtubules can have optical and acoustical branches.The highest frequency of vibrations in microtubules and in actin filaments is of the order of 10^ 8 Hz. Vibrations are polar and interaction with surroundings is mediated by the generated electromagnetic field. Supply of energy from hydrolysis of guanosinetriphosphate (GTP) in microtubules and of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in actin filaments may excite the vibrations.

 In case of coherent excitation of vibrations, the electric field intensity is highest at the end of microtubule. The dielectrophoretic force exerted by electric field on the surrounding molecules will influence the kinetics of microtubule polymerization via change in the probability of the transport of charge and mass particles. The electric field generated by vibrations of electrically polar cellular structures is expected to play an important role in biological self-organization."

Spontaneous mechanical oscillations were predicted and experimentally proven on almost every level of cellular structure. Besides morphogenetic potential of oscillatory mechanical force, oscillations may drive vibrations of electrically polar structures or these structures themselves may oscillate on their own natural frequencies. Vibrations of electric charge will generate oscillating electric field, role of which in morphogenesis is discussed in this paper. This idea is demonstrated in silico on the conformation of two growing microtubules.

Biophysical aspects of cancer--electromagnetic mechanism.


 and more on the amazing microtubules, electromagnetic field and cancer;

Hypothesis of coherent vibration states in biological systems based on nonlinear interaction between longitudinal elastic and electric polarization fields with metabolic energy supply was formulated by Frohlich. Conditions for excitation of coherent states and generation of electromagnetic fields are satisfied in microtubules which form electrical polar structures. Numerical models are used for analysis of Frohlich's vibration states in cells. Reduction of activity and of energy production in mitochondria, and disintegration of cytoskeleton structures by phosphorylation on the pathway of cancer trasformation can diminish excitation of the Frohlich's vibration states and of the generated electromagnetic field, which results in disturbances of the interaction forces between cells. Interaction forces between cancer cells may be smaller than interaction forces between healthy cells and cancer cells as follows from numerical models. Mechanism of malignity, i.e. local invasion, detachment of cancer cells, and metastasis, is assumed to depend on the electromagnetic field.


and here we go; the source of advertisement and claims for quantum pendants!  Deepok Chopra is one of the authors.  How can three PhDs and three doctors write so much and say so little?  Nevertheless, I have followed some of these developments for decades, and I say there is something to it all. That is, the bioelectric field and electromagnetic physiology. 

Biofield Science: Current Physics Perspectives


Cancer is a metabolic, informational and multicellular phenomenon.  This is also true for the cesium heart condition detailed by Bandazhevsky.  The role of bioconcentration factors like glutamate, the electrodynamic nature of the cells' 'tree of life'; the microtubule cytoskeleton, multi path cellular communications pathways, the bystander effect, these emerging discoveries all converge to a greater understanding of low level radiation dangers. One need not understand the entire set of details; that would be the work of biophysics specialists, but the gist can be grasped.  

The natural biology, with its chemical, mechanical lock and key folded protein function that dominates biological science, its electromagnetic function, and including its natural radioactivity,  is literally humming with life.  The mitochondria are pulsing, mobile, the bushy cytoskeleton is singing along on multiple frequency bands, from low audio to high microwave. The warmth of a live body tells us of its living fine temperature control and infrared function. A living thing is a machine like no other, a miraculous product of nature.  Man cant make even a simple grape or sesame seed.  It is this ultra complicated, still mysterious physics of living cellular biology that is the stage for understanding the toxicity of extremely small additions of nuclear fallout.


incredible advancements in microbiology

The great body-mind energy pioneer Wilhelm Reich, student of Freud,  put out the message; in a world of wars and closed minds and the atom bomb;  Health is a pulsation, a flexibility and energetic fullness unhindered by limiting mental restrictions that are like a vice, clamping down on natural,  vibratory life function. Science now realizes to some extent the influence of mind on body.  In radiation toxicity, a very small radiological insult sends a stress signal altering the function of metabolism in dramatic ways.  

This is the bystander effect, and its dramatic.  When a single cell in about 9000 cells in a dish was targeted with a microbeam of soft x-ray (278 eV) , ~10% of the cell population was killed.  Conversely, epidemiological studies on naturally high-background-radiation areas did not show an excessively increased risk for cancer

Mechanisms and biological importance of photon-induced bystander responses: do they have an impact on low-dose radiation responses


Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Disturbed Coherence: Gate to Cancer.
Pokorný J1, Pokorný J2, Foletti A3,4, Kobilková J5, Vrba J6, Vrba J7.

Continuous energy supply, a necessary condition for life, excites a state far from thermodynamic equilibrium, in particular coherent electric polar vibrations depending on water ordering in the cell. Disturbances in oxidative metabolism and coherence are a central issue in cancer development. Oxidative metabolism may be impaired by decreased pyruvate transfer to the mitochondrial matrix, either by parasitic consumption and/or mitochondrial dysfunction. This can in turn lead to disturbance in water molecules' ordering, diminished power, and coherence of the electromagnetic field. In tumors with the Warburg (reverse Warburg) effect, mitochondrial dysfunction affects cancer cells (fibroblasts associated with cancer cells), and the electromagnetic field generated by microtubules in cancer cells has low power (high power due to transport of energy-rich metabolites from fibroblasts), disturbed coherence, and a shifted frequency spectrum according to changed power. Therapeutic strategies restoring mitochondrial function may trigger apoptosis in treated cells; yet, before this step is performed, induction (inhibition) of pyruvate dehydrogenase kinases (phosphatases) may restore the cancer state. In tumor tissues with the reverse Warburg effect, Caveolin-1 levels should be restored and the transport of energy-rich metabolites interrupted to cancer cells. In both cancer phenotypes, achieving permanently reversed mitochondrial dysfunction with metabolic-modulating drugs may be an effective, specific anti-cancer strategy.

Discovery of quantum vibrations in 'microtubules' inside brain neurons supports controversial theory of consciousness


A review and update of a controversial 20-year-old theory of consciousness claims that consciousness derives from deeper level, finer scale activities inside brain neurons. The recent discovery of quantum vibrations in "microtubules" inside brain neurons corroborates this theory, according to review authors. They suggest that EEG rhythms (brain waves) also derive from deeper level microtubule vibrations, and that from a practical standpoint, treating brain microtubule vibrations could benefit a host of mental, neurological, and cognitive conditions.


and a similar research leads to  non-invasive cancer diagnostics and treatment based on electromagnetic fields, optomechanics and microtubules

"In this paper, we discuss biological effects of electromagnetic (EM) fields in the context of cancer biology. In particular, we review the nanomechanical properties of microtubules (MTs), the latter being one of the most successful targets for cancer therapy. We propose an investigation on the coupling of electromagnetic radiation to mechanical vibrations of MTs as an important basis for biological and medical applications"



Extract of the Yew tree stops electrical vibrations of your cells' bushy cytoskeleton. Those normal electromagnetic and physical oscillations are influenced by ions, especially the potassium in cytosol.  This demonstrates a possible link of electromechanical vibrations to cancer etiology;

Electrical Oscillations in Two-Dimensional Microtubular Structures.

'Microtubules (MTs) are unique components of the cytoskeleton formed by hollow cylindrical structures of αβ tubulin dimeric units. The structural wall of the MT is interspersed by nanopores formed by the lateral arrangement of its subunits. MTs are also highly charged polar polyelectrolytes, capable of amplifying electrical signals. The actual nature of these electrodynamic capabilities remains largely unknown. Herein we applied the patch clamp technique to two-dimensional MT sheets, to characterize their electrical properties. Voltage-clamped MT sheets generated cation-selective oscillatory electrical currents whose magnitude depended on both the holding potential, and ionic strength and composition. The oscillations progressed through various modes including single and double periodic regimes and more complex behaviours, being prominent a fundamental frequency at 29 Hz. In physiological K(+) (140 mM), oscillations represented in average a 640% change in conductance that was also affected by the prevalent anion. Current injection induced voltage oscillations, thus showing excitability akin with action potentials. The electrical oscillations were entirely blocked by taxol, a chemotherapy compound, originally obtained from the bark of the Pacific yew tree, that has been found to inhibit the growth of certain cancers.'

Code's dilemma - background radiation vs. low level amounts of man-made radioactive sources.  

I remember reading something that Oppenheimer hinted at, that this may not be the first Atomic Age.  I've seen only a couple of investigations into what background radiation was before we started this Atomic Age and they were extrapolating by trying to subtract what they assumed they had started adding and they did not have the sensitive instrumentation that came later.  We have an estimate of the amount and composition of background radiation.  Testing the accuracy of carbon-14 dating we learn that peaks of C-14 deposition have occurred over time, thought to be mostly caused by solar activity, that required adjustments to the dating.  Life has adapted to a limited range of radiation, too little as bad as too much.  What is the optimum amount?  At what point do man-made inputs cause a downward curve?  Source, distance, and duration.  Already we see noticeable health effects in people mining the ore, in people living near nuclear power plants and radioactive waste streams, and in other organisms and wildlife.  

" The recent discovery of quantum vibrations in "microtubules" inside brain neurons corroborates this theory, according to review authors. They suggest that EEG rhythms (brain waves) also derive from deeper level microtubule vibrations, and that from a practical standpoint, treating brain microtubule vibrations could benefit a host of mental, neurological, and cognitive conditions."
Seldom examined is the role of Carbon-14.  There was a background of radioactive carbon that life is adapted to but nuclear activities are adding significant amounts to that old background we grew up in.   I only mention it because carbon is a building block of life even down to the structure of carbon nanotubes.  

Stray electrons everywhere, some are going way too fast.  DNA is the receivership capability of the Information field.  We are like radios, transmitting and receiving the EM field around us.  Even non-ionizing radiation, RF energy can wreck our radios.  EMF is gaining notoriety as a cancer causing agent.  

Cancer Link Confirmed in Largest Ever Cell Tower Radiation Study
August 21, 2018

Technology marches forward.  

"How can three PhDs and three doctors write so much and say so little?  Nevertheless, I have followed some of these developments for decades, and I say there is something to it all. That is, the bioelectric field and electromagnetic physiology."

Great line Code, I couldn't agree more.  I had the opportunity to study basic electronics but it wasn't until I learned to repair radios that I began to understand how the pieces fit together.  It's not the voltage that will kill you, it's the current.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Codes axiom; quality, not quantity is the new paradigm.

 Recently several studies have shown that short-term and long-term bystander effects are dependent on radiation quality

"Traditional radiation biology states that radiation causes damage only in cells traversed by ionizing radiation. But radiation-induced bystander effect (RIBE), which refers to the biological responses in unirradiated cells when the neighboring cells are exposed to radiation, challenged this old dogma and has become a new paradigm of this field."

"Non-radiation-targeted effects, which include low dose hypersensitivity, genomic instability, radiation-induced adaptive response and radiation-induced bystander effect (RIBE), have now become new dogmas in radiation biology"

Kinesin protein walking on microtubule


When we die, all of our little walking proteins will die too.  Kind of reminds me of what will happen to people when they kill the ecosystem
Quote:The fact that X-rays and α-particles induced different alterations of miR-21 expression suggests that different types of radiation induce different gene expression and signaling.

Taken together, these results suggest that the radiation quality-dependence of bystander effect may be associated with the TGF-β1-Smad2 pathway and the change of the miR-21 level in irradiated cells.

There you go Code.  Proof of a bystander effect caused by alpha radiation and the cellular mechanism employed.  Quality, indeed, of the type of radiation. The thorium pendant emits alpha radiation, definitely a hazard if a bit of it was ingested or inhaled in the making or disposal of the pendant.  

Cute little video. I don't want my proteins to die.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."

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