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FL_TurkeyPoint-Turkey Plot
Turkey Plot

[ So we'll start off with this item. ]


20180511 | 3 mins | He’s a proud neo-Nazi, Charlottesville attacker – and a U.S. Marine |

ProPublica  Published on May 11, 2018

A Marine took part in the violent assaults in Charlottesville last summer
and later bragged about it online with other members of Atomwaffen,
an extremist group preparing for a race war.

[ Propublica found 6 current or former US mil associated with Atomwaffen. ]


20180503 | | Ranks of Notorious Hate Group Include Active-Duty Military |

A Marine took part in the violent assaults in Charlottesville last summer
and later bragged about it online with other members of Atomwaffen, an extremist group preparing for a race war.


20180223 | 4 mins | Inside the Secret Chat Logs of American Nazis |


20180223 |  | Inside Atomwaffen As It Celebrates a Member for Allegedly Killing a Gay Jewish College Student |

by A.C. Thompson, ProPublica, Ali Winston, special to ProPublica, and Jake Hanrahan, special to ProPublica
Feb. 23, 5 a.m. EST

[ This article contains profiles for associates known at the time. ]

In a matter of months, people associated with the group, including Woodward, have been charged in five murders;
another group member pleaded [sic] guilty to possession of explosives after authorities uncovered a possible plot
to blow up a nuclear facility near Miami. [ Guess which one. ]

Atomwaffen — the word means “nuclear weapons” in German

[ note the US map in the article - these guys operate in a number of states that have nuke facilities. ]

[ I haven't quite put together how they figured causing a nuclear release would benefit them and cause a race war. ]


[ This article has more detail about the Turkey Point connection. ]

20170613 | FL_TurkeyPoint | National Guard 'neo-Nazi' aimed to hit Miami nuclear plant, roommate says |

Published: June 13, 2017 Updated: June 14, 2017 at 01:18 AM

[ some relevent excerpts ]

TAMPA — Brandon Russell, a National Guardsman and self-described neo-Nazi,
had plans to blow up power lines in the Florida Everglades and launch explosives
into a nuclear power plant near Miami, his roommate Devon Arthurs told police.

Prosecutors on Tuesday played portions of a recorded interrogation Arthurs gave in the hours immediately
after he was arrested in the killings of Jeremy Himmelman and Andrew Oneschuk.

In the video, Arthurs offers a justification for the killings, claiming that Russell,
the surviving roommate, was preparing to commit acts of terrorism.

He [ Arthurs ] said Russell studied how to build nuclear weapons in school
and is "somebody that literally has knowledge of how to build a nuclear bomb."

When a Tampa police detective asked Arthurs if his friends had any specific terrorist intentions,
he said they had a plan to blow up power lines along Alligator Alley,
the stretch of Interstate 75 linking Naples with Fort Lauderdale.

He also said they had a plan to fire mortars loaded with nuclear material
into the cooling units of a nuclear power plant near Miami.

He said the damage would cause "a massive reactor failure" and spread "irradiated water" throughout the ocean.

"Think about a BP oil spill, except it wipes out parts of the eastern seaboard," Arthurs said.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Josephine Thomas noted during the hearing that the Turkey Point Nuclear Generating Station
is near Miami. She also noted that when bomb squad members arrived at Russell's apartment,
their pagers alerted them to the presence of "two radiation sources."
The criminal complaint says those were thorium and americium, both radioactive metals.

Arthurs, according to court records, admitted to the killings,
saying Himmelman and Oneschuk had disrespected his conversion to Islam.

Times staff writer Tony Marrero contributed to this report.

[ Has this story been followed by any MSM ( Mockingbird State Media ) ? ]
[ Is it because it involves US citizens, young white wreckless young men,
not fully realizing the multigeneration implications of a nuclear release.

[ What do all the nuclear weapons nuts think they are going to rule over afterward? ]
[ A burnt radioactive wasteland? ]
[ If they were of any other ethnic or racial origin this would be covered non-stop. ]

[ At any rate this type of stuff is in addition to the ongoing environmental contamination of the area. ]
[ And the owners want to keep Turkey Point operating for another 20 years extending to 2052. ]

20180209 | FPL wants to keep operating Turkey Point reactors through 2052 |
by Susan Salisbury Palm Beach Post Staff Writer 3:52 p.m Friday, Feb. 9, 2018 Local business

[ Not to mention the expansion plans as outlined in the post FL_TurkeyPoint_6_7 - Undead. ]

[ I think they're all nutty from being around nuclear materials and drinking the nuclear kool-aid. ]
Wow! This is an incredible report. Thanks for your sleuthing. How did get on to this story?
just pm me if needed.
Can't remember exact path to this info.

The Jun 2017 Tampa Bay article is earliest mention I have but I don't know if I found that article while looking for info on TP and then followed forward or if I was researching white supremacist/hate groups and hit the Propublica articles and traced back.

Either way this info, like a lot of other stuff, sits in various files on my local systems. A file nightmare.

I think most of the group ( main charachter's anyway ) are in prison. The rest are probably under surveillance by the FBI, which considering their history is of little comfort. It appears the Turkey Point plot was only uncovered thru the murder investigation. The FBI seems only capable of uncovering terrorist plots they create themselves by coaching mentally unstable people to commit crimes.

What's concerning is the fact that groups like Atomwaffen are willing to cause an enviro catastrophe. You can bet there are similar groups plotting other actions.
Interesting to me because I've searched nuclear news with and w/out a variety of keywords since March 2011 and never came across anything about Atomwaffen.
just pm me if needed.
Portions of this story covered today on Democracy Now as prelude to tonight's premier of ' Documenting Hate ' by AC Thompson.

In the interview they discuss Atomwaffen but there was no mention of plot against Turkey Point.

Will be interesting to see if any aspect/mention of TP plot are in the docu.
That figures. Sensational story but leaves out critical risk/threat to nuclear site. don't wanna scare nobody....

New Charlottesville Doc Exposes Neo-Nazi Leaders & Their Ties to U.S. Military & Weapons Contractors https://www.democracynow.org/2018/8/7/ne...s_neo_nazi
just pm me if needed.

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