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NRC Fails Cancer Intel
Does living near a nuclear plant give children cancer? https://beyondnuclearinternational.org/2...en-cancer/

Taxpayers, especially those living near or downwind of nuclear facilities ought be up in arms as the NRC has demonstrated that they consider themselves judge & jury when it comes to public safety. Most affected are women & children whose bodies respond differently to radiation exposures than men - historically, testing is based on the male gender attributes, which does no justice for women & children.


More than 60 studies have shown increases of childhood leukemia around nuclear facilities worldwide. Despite this finding, there has never been independent analysis in the US examining connections between childhood cancer and nuclear facilities. The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) had tasked the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) to conduct such a study, but then withdrew funding, claiming publicly that it would be too expensive.

In fact, documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) process reveal that NRC employees had already determined the study would show no impact. Internal emails indicate that staff was presupposing a conclusion for which they had no evidence, demonstrated by statements like “even if you found something that looked like a relationship [between cancer and radiation], you wouldn’t know what to attribute it to,” and “[m]ost people realize that all the evidence shows you’re not going to find anything.” The evidence, however, had not yet been fully collected and examined.

Not protective and unaccountable

While the NRC claims it protects public health, its radiation exposure standards fail to account fully for:
  • impacts on the placenta 
  • impacts on fetal blood forming cells 
  • impacts on fetal and embryonic organs 
  • estrogenic impacts 
  • disproportionate impacts on women 
  • genetic impacts past the second generation 
  • cumulative damage of repeated radiation exposure
just pm me if needed.
60 studies have shown increases of childhood leukemia but not one study to reassure us of how safe it is?  

Quote:The NRC's mission is to license and regulate the Nation's civilian use of radioactive materials to provide reasonable assurance of adequate protection of public health and safety and to promote the common defense and security and to protect the environment. This strategic plan, covering the period Fiscal Years (FY) 2018–2022, describes how the NRC plans to achieve its two strategic goals: (1) ensure the safe use of radioactive materials, and (2) ensure the secure use of radioactive materials.

Weasel words saying they provide adequate cover for the nuclear industry to continue poisoning us and the environment we live in.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."

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