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NPS_Watch Jul 12, 2018
The Daily Dose - Exposing the nuclear power industry while the nuclear power industry exposes you.

There are 4 EN(s) today, 1 associated with power stations.

[ The one NPS EN is a repost of yesterdays EN concerning IL_DuaneArnold ]

NRC Event Notices for July 12, 2018  
[ event times not entered ]
----------------- Power Reactor Event Notices
----------- [ Current event for IA_DuaneArnold_1 ]

20180711 | IA_DuaneArnold_1 | Repost METEOROLOGICAL DATA UNAVAILABLE |

"On July 11, 2018, as part of pre-planned maintenance, the site meteorological tower will be removed from service.

The tower will be out of service for approximately 11 days.

As a result, this is reportable under 10CFR 50.72 (b)(3)(xiii).

During the time the data is not available from the meteorological tower;
compensatory measures will be in place to obtain the data from the National Weather Service if necessary.

"The [NRC] Resident Inspector has been notified."

[ Site weather info helps them determine when and how much goo they can spew. ]  

----------- [ 2018 event history for IA_DuaneArnold ]



[ This event occurred in 2017 but wasn't reported until 2018. ]

----------- [ Current event for
----------- [ 2018 event history for
----------- [ Part 21 Notice ]

----------------- Other reactor info from daily power tracking

[ the asterisk signifies that an uptick in rad detection at nearby EPA radmon stations was observed on NETC. ]

Region 1

*NY_Fitzpatrick_1 @ 96 % down from 97 % ; 97 % ; 97 % ; 97 % Sunday ; 98 % Saturday , no EN, reason for power drop unk.
[ This gradual power decrement looks like coastdown to RFO, unit is sched for RFO in Sept. ]

NJ_Oyster_Creek_1 @ 93 % down from 94 % ; 95 % ; 89 % ; 88 % Sunday ; 99 % Saturday ; , no EN, reason for power drop unk.

Region 2

AL_Browns_Ferry_3 @ 98 % unch 98 % ; 98 % ; 96 % Sunday ; unchanged since Jun 25
[ Unit unable to achieve full power since exiting RFO Apr 03 ] ( used 45 of typ 43 days )

NC_Brunswick_2 @ 89 % up from 83 % ; 86 % ; 68 % ; 50 % Sunday ; 40 % Saturday , no EN, reason for power drop unk.

Region 3

*IL_Clinton_1 @ 98 % unch 98 % ; 98 % ; 98 % ; 88 % Sunday , no EN, reason for power drop unk.

IA_DuaneArnold_1 @ 98 % up from 97 % ; 97 % ; 98 % ; 98 % ; 99 % ; 99 % , no EN, reason for power drop unk.
[ This gradual power decrement looks like coastdown to RFO, unit is sched for RFO in Oct. ]

Region 4

MS_GrandGulf_1 @ 1 % up from 0 % , was down for 96 days.

*AZ_PaloVerde_1 @ 13 % up from 11 % , no EN, reason for power drop unk.


[ There are currently 0 units with the RPV open - ref the Current ReFueling Outage Schedule and Status ]

posted by Staup Knewkinus a Dane Gerous production. All human rights reserved.
[ Site weather info helps them determine when and how much goo they can spew. ]  

I was wondering what weather criteria they might use to help them determine when and how much goo they can spew?  Do you have any further info or observational data?  I have noticed visible emission releases happening  at Fukushima when it rains.  I've wondered if this was to hide emissions from public view or to help limit how far the emissions might spread.   I would guess that wind direction would also be an important consideration to limit the fallout over more populated regions.  

Many thanks for the work you post here, your comments are helpful to understanding the operational reports the industry is required to file.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
RE: Horse 

There are a number of factors actually.

This data is or was collected by the EPA radnet monitors but as far as I know is not available to the general public.

This message used to be at the bottom of a query response on the EPA CDX ( Central Data Exchange ).

Note: Zero Values for "Beta CPM", "Gamma CPM", "Flow Rate", "Sampling Volume" or "Ambient Pressure" indicate data not available.
Combined "Wind Speed" and "Wind Direction" of '0' and '359' indicate data not available.

This message was removed from display after the 2016 page update.

If this data were available to the general public it would help us determine the source of rad release. Not only did they not want the info to be available, by removing the message no one is even aware it might exist.

So aside from Speed, direction and pressure, other things that have an effect on the dispersion of rad gases would be humidity and air temp.

The gases generated during the fission process are collected in tanks and allowed to decay somewhat before they are released. For gases, obviously the path is up the stack.

In order to make it seem like there is no release ( and to protect the people working at the reactor and the immediate population ) giant fans create a slight vacuum in the secondary containment building.

IIRC the stacks are around 300 ft high. How far up into the atmosphere the plume of rad air goes would depend on the velocity, humidity and air temp of the air coming from the secondary containment.

Wind direction, velocity and temp of the atmosphere will determine how far from the source the rad air travels before it cools and drops back to the surface.  

During a temperature inversion the rad laced air can become trapped in the surface air layer. Of course high humidity and precipitation will bring the contamination back down faster.

Prior to site-ing a reactor a meteo tower is erected to collect the local data.

This data is used to create wind roses. https://www.wcc.nrcs.usda.gov/climate/windrose.html

For a given point the wind may blow predominately out of the northeast during one month and out of the southwest during another.

As a matter of fact such a tower was destroyed in 1974 in Massachusetts which led eventually to the reactor not being built.


[ An extremely interesting read, Sam Lovejoy defended himself and called Dr. John Goffman and Howard Zinn as witnesses. ]

Proposed. Never built.

The Story of Samuel Lovejoy |

by Harvey Wasserman

[ couple of excerpts ]

In the wee morning hours of February 22, Sam Lovejoy, a member of one of the local communes, slipped onto the Montague Plains and sabotaged the five hundred foot weather tower Northeast Utilities had erected to test wind direction at the site.

(A company official later explained that the data was needed so that authorities would know which way the radiation would blow from the plant in case of an accident.)

[ As if knowing which way the rad would blow helps them plan on when to have an accident ? ]

"It is my firm conviction that if a jury of twelve impartial scientists was empanelled, and following normal legal procedure they were given all pertinent data and arguments, then this jury would never give a unanimous vote for deployment of nuclear reactors amongst the civilian population. Rather, I believe they would call for the complete shutdown of all the commercially operated nuclear plants. "

Three days before Lovejoy's acquittal, the AEC ordered twenty one of America's fifty active nuclear plants shut for an emergency safety check. A reactor at Zion, Illinois, had sprung a leak in a cooling pipe, and a check of a similar reactor revealed a similar crack. The other nineteen reactors of that type-all made by General Electric - were ordered to close within sixty days. Six more were shut in Japan. It was the largest multiple shutdown in the history of atomic power.

That same day Carl Hocevar, a leading computer analyst at an Idaho company doing testing on reactor safety, quit his position in protest. The true dangers of nuclear power were being covered up, he said, and he wanted to be free to tell the truth. He then joined the Union of Concerned Scientists in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

But despite its problems, NU had taken great pains to make clear that the project has not been canceled, and that political opposition will make "no difference" to its plans. Charles Bragg, NU vice-president for public relations, told the Greenfield Recorder at the very outset that local opposition "wouldn't affect us. We would have to go ahead with it even if there was a protest movement mounted by the citizens of the area."

On February 22, 1975, one year after the toppling of the Montague tower, NU announced it was delaying construction for at least four years, for financial reasons...

[ Same old story, the profiteers don't care if you don't like it, but in the end economics wins out. ]


As far as the visible emissions during rains at Fuku the First, I've noticed the same thing when watching the cams during rains and heavy fog. Given Ineptco's and dishonest Abe's historical record, combined with the nuclear industries slight of hand, I firmly believe , tho' I have no definitive evidence, that is what they are doing.

Using the weather to limit the spread of rad contamination is one of those terrible choices nuclear power use foists upon us. Release during rain and contaminate a thousand or let it go and contaminate a hundred thousand. BTW I voted for zero but no one listened.

As far as other observational info, I have some interesting stuff in the works. I have been busy gathering data and trying to figure out how to present it, it's slow, tedious and time consuming and I'm trying to get it all put together before the fall RFO begins.

Thanks for the encouragement.

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