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HaHa! Zuckerberg
The European Parliament hearing about facebook with Mark Zuckerberg today revealed Zuck's disdain for having the spotlight on him during questioning. He rattled off, in rapid fire, his general responses to specific questions which he clumped by issue and toward the end he noted that that they were 15 minutes over the time allotted for the hearing - but - that's not his prerogative - it's up to the Parliament to decide when the hearing will conclude. He wanted to run out on them. Several parliament members noted that their questions had not been addressed and Zuck promised that someone would come to address those questions and parliament members requested that all the questions be responded to specifically.

It was a much more interesting hearing than the US Congress held.

Respect to the European Parliament for that.

The session: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ly2-2Wk90pw
just pm me if needed.
Comments from Twitter:

Shehab Khan‏Verified account @ShehabKhan 3h3 hours ago

European politician tells me there is a reason why Zuckerberg came to the European Parliament and not Westminster. Faint chuckle after saying that, followed by the phrase "we actually have the power to do something about this".

Jeremy Cliffe‏Verified account @JeremyCliffe 2h2 hours ago

Zuckerberg left with 7 minutes of a 75 minute hearing to answer the best part of 100 often rambling questions. Zero pressure to answer any of them. This isn't what democratic accountability looks like.

Guy Verhofstadt‏Verified account @guyverhofstadt
2h2 hours ago

#[b]Zuckerberg[/b] | How do you want to be remembered? As one of the three Internet giants together w/ Bill Gates and Steve Jobs? Or as a failed genius who created a #digital monster destroying our democracies?


Yet another twist the swirl of Zuckerberg's reputation down, down, down the drain. He can make billions from us but he can't make us like him. Zuckerberg's Name Must Go, Says a Group of San Francisco General Hospital Employees  https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/313688

European Parliament wastes its chance to hold Facebook's Zuckerberg accountable

The questions Mark Zuckerberg didn’t answer to European Parliament
just pm me if needed.

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