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Savannah River Shut
Billions of dollars later, Energy Department pulls plug on partly built nuclear fuel plant https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/nat...story.html


"Estimates submitted to Congress by the NNSA said the government will have sunk an estimated $7.6 billion into the MOX facility by its closure and would need to spend nearly $50 billion more to finish construction and convert the plutonium over the coming decades, according to people familiar with the estimate. The government believes that diluting and disposing of the plutonium will instead cost about $18.2 billion over about 30 years, they said."

Energy Department issues scathing evaluation of nuclear project


"Overall, the NNSA awarded nothing from the $2.7 million available for a bonus payment to the contractors. It said, “there continued to be a lack of transparency and openness in external communications with key project stakeholders by the contractor including continued release of misleading and inaccurate project information.”"
just pm me if needed.

Panel Rejects Bid to Stop SC Nuke Plant Closure
January 9, 2019

The state argued ending the project would leave the roughly 10 tons of plutonium currently stored at the facility indefinitely,leaving the local population open to terrorist or environmental disaster.

Wynn said the state’s doomsday scenario relied too heavily on the premise that the DOE’s alternative plan for disposing of the nuclear material,
known as dilute and dispose, would have to fail entirely – an unlikely series of events considering the scientific evidence backing up the disposeand dilute method.

[ Shouldn't it be dilute and dispose? Where does the diluted material go? ]

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