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UK: Sellafield Data Study
28 April 2018 Worcester Polytechnic Institute: Sediment Radiation in Sellafield, UK

Marco Kaltofen was one of the advisors.
just pm me if needed.
is Kaltofen entrenched in old radiation health physics dogma?

"To give reference to the safety of radiation found from the soil samples, the United States Environmental Protection Agencys (EPA) 40 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 192.12 was used. This value was 185 becquerels per kilogram for the maximum allowable soil radiation within 15 centimeters of the surface."

becquerels per kilo gives a quantification of radiation but no quantification of danger
I think that since he relies on contract work with gov, he's using federally "anointed" guidance. Job preservation.

update - I was wrong, he's not relying on gov contracts.
just pm me if needed.

"The hardest part of working with these students on Sellafield, Fukushima, and Chernobyl was keeping up with their highly-informed questions; and all of the months they invested in coming up with data. They were completely free to choose how to present their data. They were especially on their own when they had to share their conclusions about what their data was telling them. I am very impressed with what they've produced."

"My philosophy is that whenever you are pushing against established science you have to have the data first. It's a one piece at a time business. I also really hope that my students learned something true and useful this past year."
just pm me if needed.

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