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Is NRC Cyber Aware?
Nuclear Power Plants Have a 'Blind Spot' for Hackers. Here's How to Fix That.


"Parkhouse, the top cybersecurity official at British regulator the Office for Nuclear Regulation, said he came across an organization working in the nuclear sector that ties employee bonuses to having a clean sheet for reporting cyber vulnerabilities. Meaning, if you flagged no vulnerabilities, you could be eligible for a bonus. Parkhouse declined to say whether that was a vendor or some other organization, but stressed that the practice is the exception rather than the norm and that he’s had success in stamping it out. (That type of practice is very rare indeed because, industry insiders say, nuclear security culture encourages people to report security concerns whenever they arise.)

“I want people to understand what the risk is rather than deny the problem or overblow it,” Parkhouse said, adding that the UK nuclear sector is accomplishing this in part by sharing threat information as the cyber landscape changes."
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