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Lucas: Baalbek
Has anyone heard from Lucas?

enformable.com has lost it's domain, atomicspeak (twitter) has disappeared, enformable in twitter hasn't posted since January, Lucas has not replied to my two messages sent in the past two weeks or so, and Clean Futures Fund has not replied to my dm in twitter or my message through their website contact form. On 25 March Lucas told us he was heading to Baalbek in "one week."

I am concerned because that region is "reckoned a stronghold of the Shi'a Hezbollah movement" and the ME is generally in turmoil most of the time. Typically, Lucas replies to my messages within 24 hours.

Anyone know his whereabouts or heard from Lucas recently? I'll reach out to Tim Mousseau and Marco Kaltofen to see if they've heard from him.
just pm me if needed.
Tim replied:

"Lucas is in Ukraine this week setting up for June. I heard from last week."
just pm me if needed.
Linda of Beyond Nuclear replied:

"As far as I know Lucas has closed Enformable and is concentrating on Clean Futures Fund. He is notoriously bad at replying to emails! However, they have just announced they are now sending Chernobyl dogs back to US adopters and I believe he is there now. So I suspect all is well. He did send a quick Ok for me to run his Dogs of Chernobyl piece on Beyond Nuclear International last week."
just pm me if needed.

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