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NPS Watch Apr 11, 2018
The Daily Dose - Exposing the nuclear power industry while the nuclear power industry exposes you.

There are 4 EN(s) today, 1 associated with power stations.

NRC Event Notices for April 11, 2018         

-------------- Power Reactor Event Notices

[ This EN is an update to a general info EN and not specific to any one unit. ]


"On 12/15/17 at 1430 [CST], it was discovered by corporate Fitness for Duty (FFD) personnel that two individuals in the Corporate Emergency Response Organization (ERO) and one Corporate FFD Authorization (FFDA) individual were removed from the random FFD testing pool by the security database, Illuminate. It was identified that a database coding error removed the FFD random pool flag when an additional clearance was requested for these individuals. The individuals involved did not have Unescorted Access (UA) or Unescorted Access Authorized (UAA).

"Review by corporate FFD personnel and the security database vendor (Endevor) found this coding error affected only those individuals not holding UA/UAA but who require additional clearances which require being in the FFD random pool (e.g., ERO, FFDA). Corporate security personnel found no other individuals to be affected by this issue. No individuals with UA/UAA are affected by this issue.

"Affected individuals have been added to the FFD random pool and pre-access testing will be performed for the three identified individuals prior to resuming duties requiring inclusion in the FFD random pool. A code modification for the security database has been created to prevent error recurrence, testing has begun with implementation targeted for Monday 12/18/17. Quarterly reviews will continue to take place for verification purposes.

"The issue does not affect any Exelon Sites or the process for granting UA/UAA.

"No other utilities are known to use the Illuminate security database."


"On 7/25/17, it was determined that on 4/1/17, when James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant (JAF) changed ownership and transferred individuals into the Exelon Fitness for Duty (FFD) security program Illuminate, one individual was inadvertently excluded from the Follow-up portion of the program. This individual's record in the industry Personnel Access Data System (PADS) remained accurate and Illuminate was updated on 7/12/17; however, this individual did not receive four months of Follow-up FFD testing as required by 10 CFR 26.69(b)(4)(iii). No additional FFD program violations occurred by this individual and no other individuals involved in the transfer were affected by this error. A computer code modification by the Illuminate database vendor (Endevor) was created to prevent error recurrence.

"The failure to transfer an individual into the FFD Follow-up Program on 4/1/17, is a significant FFD programmatic failure which is reportable per 10 CFR 26.719(b)(4)."

The individual was a non-licensed JAF employee who had Unescorted Access.

The licensee notified the NRC Resident Inspector.

Notified R1DO (Jackson), R3DO (Stone), and FFD Group (email).

[ We're asked to trust these companies to run complex machines with the potential to extinguish all life on Earth and they can't even get a simple transfer of names from one database to another. ]

[ At least we now know who the Illuminate are. \O/ Just too funny. ]

----------- [ Current event for
----------- [ 2018 event history for

----------- [ Current event for
----------- [ 2018 event history for  ]
[ There are no other ENs for this unit ]

----------------- Other reactor info from daily power tracking

Region 1

MA_Pilgrim_1 is still shutdown, 36th day. [ 408 days to permanent SD ]

PA_Peach_Bottom_3 @ 60 %, No EN. unk reason for drop.

Region 2

AL_Browns_Ferry_3 @ 83 % up from 77 % recovering from shutdown while Restarting, No EN. used 45 of typ 43 days for RFO.

NC_Brunswick_1 @ 82 % up from 57 % recovering from shutdown while Restarting. used 32 of typ 28 days for RFO.

NC_Harris_1 @ 0 % - RPV opened

TN_Sequoyah_1 @ 0 % - RPV opened

Region 3

IL_Byron_2 @ 90 % - unk reason for pwr drop

IL_QuadCities_1 @ 87 - unk reason for pwr drop

IL_QuadCities_2 @ 97 % - unk reason for pwr drop

Region 4

CA_DiabloCanyon_1 @ 50 % down from 94 %, No EN, unk reason for power drop.

MS_GrandGulf_1 @ 0 % - RPV opened - RFO sched changed from 04/18 to 04/07.

AZ_PaloVerde_1 @ 38 % down from 39 % - unk reason for pwr drop.  

AZ_PaloVerde_3 @ 0 % - RPV opened - RFO sched changed from 04/10 to 04/07.

[ There are currently 11 units with the RPV open - ref the Current ReFueling Outage Schedule and Status ]

posted by Staup Knewkinus a Dane Gerous production. All hserved. uman rights re

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