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Nuclear Finances
As renewables gain more traction, nuclear faces ever more scrutiny on their finances and efficacy.

1 April 2018, Cleveland.com: FirstEnergy Solutions filed for bankruptcy late Saturday http://www.cleveland.com/business/index....krupt.html

1 April 2018, The Japan Times: Reassess the economics of nuclear power

1 April 2018, Environmental Law & Policy Center: ELPC Statement on the FirstEnergy Solutions Bankruptcy

30 March 2018, Environmental Law & Policy Center: ELPC Asks Nuclear Regulatory Commission to Protect Consumers and Taxpayers from FirstEnergy Nuclear Plant Decommissioning Cost Bailout

30 March 2018, Green Tech Media: Renewables or Nuclear? A New Front in the Academic War Over Decarbonization

30 March 2018, Le Soir: Agreement on the energy pact: the government confirms the exit of the nuclear power in 2025 (video)/ Accord sur le pacte énergétique: le gouvernement confirme la sortie du nucléaire en 2025 (vidéo)

30 March 2018, Yakima Herald: DOE criticizes Hanford contractor. Says vit plant deadline in doubt

29 March 2018, The State: Top SCANA official said utility executives botched nuclear project in 2016 voicemail

28 March 2018, South Africa Market Update: Dear Eskom, you cannot be half-pregnant

It appears the nuclear industry may very well have nuked themselves...

"Go ahead, Rosebud.... 5,4,3,2,1 ... bomabadier, would you open the bomb bay doors, please"

just pm me if needed.

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