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Nuclear Finances
As renewables gain more traction, nuclear faces ever more scrutiny on their finances and efficacy.

1 April 2018, Cleveland.com: FirstEnergy Solutions filed for bankruptcy late Saturday http://www.cleveland.com/business/index....krupt.html

1 April 2018, The Japan Times: Reassess the economics of nuclear power

1 April 2018, Environmental Law & Policy Center: ELPC Statement on the FirstEnergy Solutions Bankruptcy

30 March 2018, Environmental Law & Policy Center: ELPC Asks Nuclear Regulatory Commission to Protect Consumers and Taxpayers from FirstEnergy Nuclear Plant Decommissioning Cost Bailout

30 March 2018, Green Tech Media: Renewables or Nuclear? A New Front in the Academic War Over Decarbonization

30 March 2018, Le Soir: Agreement on the energy pact: the government confirms the exit of the nuclear power in 2025 (video)/ Accord sur le pacte énergétique: le gouvernement confirme la sortie du nucléaire en 2025 (vidéo)

30 March 2018, Yakima Herald: DOE criticizes Hanford contractor. Says vit plant deadline in doubt

29 March 2018, The State: Top SCANA official said utility executives botched nuclear project in 2016 voicemail

28 March 2018, South Africa Market Update: Dear Eskom, you cannot be half-pregnant

It appears the nuclear industry may very well have nuked themselves...

"Go ahead, Rosebud.... 5,4,3,2,1 ... bomabadier, would you open the bomb bay doors, please"

just pm me if needed.
Nuclear Power Is Economically Obsolete

“…California met its climate goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020 four years early by turning off its nuclear plants and setting policies that prioritize renewables, energy efficiency and energy storage investments over natural gas plant additions….”

“Recent studies from New York and California show that it is cheaper to invest in renewables, energy efficiency and energy storage in order to replace aging nuclear plants than it is to keep the existing plants running. Savings range from hundreds of millions to billions of dollars—achieved without any impact on electric system reliability….”


Hitachi set to cancel plans for £16bn nuclear power station in Wales

Move by Japanese firm would be blow to UK plans to replace coal plants and ageing reactors


Entergy sells Vermont Yankee nuclear plant, signaling what's to come for Indian Point

Entergy sold its Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant to a dismantling firm, a first-of-its-kind deal that offers a blueprint for Indian Point's future

“…Nuclear plant operators are facing financial difficulties as reactivation of such power stations has not progressed and the costs of safety measures are snowballing. …”

Taxpayers should not fund Bill Gates’ nuclear albatross

Nuclear power is so uneconomical even Gates can't make it work without billions from taxpayers.

“Nuclear power is so uneconomical that even Bill Gates, who is worth $90 billion, can’t make it work without massive taxpayer funding.

"Gates has been going around Capitol Hill in recent weeks trying 'to persuade Congress to spend billions of dollars over the next decade… for a pilot of his company’s never-before-used technology, according to congressional staffers,' the Washington Post reported.

“This plea for federal largesse from a decabillionaire illustrates why further nuclear subsidies make no sense,” energy and finance expert Greg Kats writes in a forthcoming article for GreenBiz.com shared with ThinkProgress. Kats served as director of finance for the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in the mid-1990s.,,"

The Cost to Clean Up America’s Cold War Nuclear Waste Jumps to $377 Billion

The bill for a half century of nuclear weapons production is growing fast.

“The United States developed and built tens of thousands of nuclear weapons during the Cold War. A new report by the General Accounting Office (GAO) estimates the total cleanup cost for the radioactive contamination incurred developing and producing these weapons at a staggering $377 billion, a number that jumped by more than $100 billion in just one year. …”


The truth is, here isn't nor will there ever be a way to clean up all the nuclear waste.
South Carolina Spent $9 Billion to Dig a Hole in the Ground and Then Fill it Back in

Bailout tax: Profitable corporations need to come clean on nuclear

“…PJM Interconnection, the regional power grid operator responsible for grid reliability for 65 million customers in 21 states including Pennsylvania and the mid-Atlantic region, has published multiple studies making it clear that closing these plants would not affect grid reliability. The lights will continue to shine if uneconomical nuclear power plants retire, thanks in part to increased solar and wind generation coming online throughout the state.

“An analysis by the Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS) provides evidence that ‘continuing to operate these plants does nothing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from current levels.’ In fact, more cost-effective, economically productive and environmentally benign options are available….”


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