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Saudi Arabia Desires Nuclear Weapons
Having publicly stated that if Iran has nuclear weapons building capacity, Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman has caused a ripple in the nuclear ban movement and among other global leadership. But, even though the US has vowed to walk away from helping the Saudi's develop nuclear facilities, Russia, China, and South Korea have stepped up to the plate to offer their "assistance."

In the meantime, the Jerusalem Post claims that the Saudis won't build nuclear weapons.

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Saudi Arabia's historic record on human rights, espionage, terrorism and Israel's own non-sanctioned nuclear programs should tell the world and all relevant authorities that Saudi Arabia ought not be allowed to develop nuclear. Unfortunate that KEPCO is already assisting the UAE with a new nuclear build.

With all the sun in the middle east, there is no serious justification for nuclear energy there. The political climate is seriously unstable and how anyone can say with a straight face that more nuclear in the middle east is good to go is beyond me. Take note IAEA.
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