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Nuclear Cartel and NWO
Why is the nuclear industry permitted to exist, with its toxic and deadly legacy?

The  reason is the ICRP. All legal exposure guidelines are based on the recommendations of this organization.
Make no mistake, its legal to have the exposure levels coming from Fukushima. The plight of the Navy sailors aboard the U.S.S Reagan revolve around these legal exposures. Further, most scientists are convinced that the ICRP is a correct model

 In 30 million people, the population of Tokyo,The ICRP risk model would predict 100 cancers from Fukushima. The ECRR dose model would result in 120,000 cancers in the next 50 years  from the same exposure.

Behind the failure of the ICRP is an economic and psychological cause which Chris Busby touches on briefly in this video
listen from 3:47 to get straight to the point

Simply stated, science and courts and governments are bought and sold

We can understand the root of this by looking at the birth of modern capitalism, largely represented by the Dutch East India Company started in the year 1602.  This psychological and economic issue is a huge study.  

The acute problem of industrial pollution of all kinds will not be solved with a signature on a petition.  The forces are huge, overwhelming, global, they infuse every level of government, university and indeed the general public.  We take for granted a system of governance and economics, and believe, even subconsciously in its viability.  We dont question the premise of civilization.  But it is this premise which produces the iron gates, I should say uranium gates of the nuclear industry and their subserviant agencies. But also big oil, fracking, big pharma, big agriculture, and the war machine.   If you dont think those big industries are problematic, but instead the crowning achievement of society, a shocking revelation awaits you with in depth study!  You dont believe it, you may resist believing it for the remainder of your life; such are the bonds and boundaries of our emotional attachment to our beliefs

Crash Course on Who Controls the CIA, US State Department, and Donald Trump 
and by proxy, the nuclear cartel

One may disagree with some details, for example how Trump handles things, but the main body of information in this video is at least a starting point for study 


The Rothschilds, through the Council on Foreign Relations controls global business through the U.S. foreign policy.  Trump hires CIA  organized crime director Mike Pompeo for head of State Dept.

Its impossible to oppose the New World Order. Simple rhetoric and emotional buttons like patriotism easily control the attitude of the public. Capitalist ideology believes profit driven competition is like a Darwinian principle, producing the best result. Exploitation rather than protection of the environment and the public is in fact a primary result.

It starts at the top with the UN, the OECD, and other energy related agencies, military, and, of course, the nuclear industry themselves. I view the nuke industry as bullies, using their lobbying groups like the NEI to push government reps into their corner. Be interesting to know which representatives have stock or shares in nuclear and related manufacturing companies.

I'm particularly disappointed with IAEA Dir Gen Amano. He should never have been granted another term. I think he and all the associated nuclear orgs and individual pushers, like Conca The Shill, ought be audited.
just pm me if needed.

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