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Daily Dose March 13, 2018
Exposing the nuclear industry while the nuclear industry exposes you.

NRC Event Notices for Tuesday, March 13, 2018             

There are five EN(s) today, two is/are associated with power stations.




A non-licensed supervisor tested positive for alcohol during pre-access screening. The individual's access to the plant was denied.

The NRC Resident Inspector has been notified.

[ PA_Susquehanna_1 is scheduled for RFO on 03/31 so this is most likely one of the temporary contract workers ]




"Lacrosse Solutions is preparing to issue a short press release related to the detection of tritium above background levels detected in site groundwater sampling wells. Following is a summary of the release:

"The LACBWR [LaCrosse Boiling Water Reactor] site contains a network of industrial groundwater monitoring wells.

Analytical results from a routine sampling event on December 28, 2017, indicated above background levels of tritium in the monitoring well closest to the reactor building.

All wells sampled in December were resampled on February 14, 2018.

From that sampling event, one additional well resulted positive for tritium.

"The monitoring well closest to the reactor building has a tritium concentration equivalent to the EPA limit for drinking water.

No other radionuclides were found in the groundwater monitoring wells.

EnergySolutions is using Haley & Aldrich, a national environmental consulting firm experienced in this area, to assist EnergySolutions in further testing and development of a groundwater monitoring plan to monitor the source of the tritium.

"On March 6, 2018, Dairyland Power Cooperative directed their employees working at the coal plant next to LACBWR to switch to bottled drinking water instead of well water until more information is known about the source of tritium.

This was a prudent and cautious step to address any concerns employees may have.

The drinking water wells draw water from a much deeper depth than the groundwater that is approximately equal to the river height.

No radionuclides were detected in the drinking water levels above background.

"The State of Wisconsin and the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission were briefed and are closely following the issue."

The licensee has been communicating with NRC R3 (Edwards) and NRC HQ (Vaaler) since the initial sampling event.

[ So the wells tested were groundwater and the drinking water wells are much deeper but they told the coal station workers to use bottled water and are just getting around to publicizing the contamination. ]

[ They plan on doing more testing while they try to figure out the source of the tritium contamination because they can't make the connection to a former nuclear reactor. ]


[ Can't post screen shots of satellite view, some kind of limit reached. ]

[ This was a small unit ( 50 MWe ) that was shutdown in 1987 due to economics. ]
[ The RPV was removed in 2007 and rail shipped to Barnwell, South Carolina where they probably buried it in the mess they are making down there. ]

[ Spent fuel is in 5 vertical casks on an outdoor pad right next to the Mississippi river. ]

[ Zoom out the map and you'll see the location/layout. Right across the road (east) from the cask pad is a residential trailer park. ]

[ Numerous farms are east of the reactor.]


The other ENs for today




----------------- Other reactor info from daily power tracking

NY_Ginna_1 is at 75 % - restarting after a two day shutdown.
Ginna Nuclear Plant is back online, but not quite up to full capacity

MA_Pilgrim_1 is still shutdown.

IL_Clinton_1 now at 97 % up from 85 % yesterday, unk reason for power drop.

MS_GrandGulf_1 still at 100 %, 2 days, units record for this year is 11 days at full power.

LA_Riverbend_1 holding at 90 % as it struggles to stay operating.

posted by Staup Knewkinus a Dane Gerous production. All rights reserved.

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