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4 Sept 2016
09-04-2016, 07:21 AM  
Also in the Nuclear Info folder with his other reports: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0...sp=sharing

1st September 2016 – Dept. of Energy secretly funding front group to sabotage its own Santa Susana Field Lab cleanup
“Giving the CAG money is an obvious betrayal of the majority of the Valley residents. At the CAG meetings the few members left do a lot of laughing about the cancer issues and here I am a cancer survivor and I help all the workers file their cancer claims. It is a useless and ineffective group.”
The revelation that the CAG is on DOE’s teat secretly siphoning federal funds to subvert a cleanup that affects millions of people, including those in the dozens of cities along the Los Angeles River which drains most of DOE’s lab, has outraged the SSFL community. Even without the media onslaught of proven allegations of polluter and regulator collusion at the site, the effort to finance a phony citizens group advocating little remediation has not fooled the Rocketdyne Cleanup Coalition (RCC).

Southern Hemisphere Background Report For July 2016. (8% above average)

Station location
This short animation of Northern and Southern Hemisphere air circulation shows why we can get detections so far south.
Roof down pipe filter design for rainwater testing, http://sccc.org.au/down-pipe-filter-design
Caloundra day average chart for August 2016
Caloundra August month average year comparisons.
2016 8%   above pre-Fukushima average
2015 5%   above pre-Fukushima average
2014 4%   above pre-Fukushima average
2013 8%   above pre-Fukushima average
2012 9%   above pre-Fukushima average
At this location in the winter months, air flows tend to come from the Southern Ocean, rather than from the tropical North. When this happens, local background levels tend to drop significantly, so compared to the summer months, winter local background levels approach pre-Fukushima levels. You can clearly see this seasonal variation in the yearly average background report, link below.
Yearly average background radiation levels
Disclaimer: This is an amateur volunteer run service. Human error can provide incorrect information, and equipment malfunction can produce false readings. Do not rely on, or take action upon information presented here, without further research.
Attachments area
Preview YouTube video Global circulation
[Image: p43B4IUS3yLPAQ0eIqmP-ZTE93ksxv9eW7QUHT-3...AIeQ2OXbGf]
just pm me if needed.

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