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TEPCO Admits Fukushima-Radiation-Blocking "Ice Wall" Is Failing
8th March 2018


The wall's failure, among other factors, is preventing the company from removing all of the radioactive melted fuel at the site, where one of the world's worst-ever nuclear disasters unfolded seven years ago when a tsunami struck the area.

When the "ice wall" was announced in 2013, TEPCO assured skeptics that it would effectively limit the flow of groundwater into the plant's basement, where the water becomes contaminated with radioactive debris.

But since the wall became fully operational in August 2017, an average of 141 metric tonnes of groundwater has seeped into the reactor and turbines each day - worse than the 132 metric tonnes a day that seeped into the ruined plant during the nine months before the wall's completion.


A 1992 German risk study of a NPP core meltdown on the upper Rhine river they suggest using an ice wall, plus concluded that:
1. Strontium-90 levels would skyrocket, and reach a peak level around 5,000 days later. Strontium-90 levels would then stay high for around another 40,000 days + !
We are already seeing reports of skyrocketing levels of Strontium being detected in the ground water tests, at the Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe site.
2. Cesium-137 would reach peak levels after 10,000 days.
Interestingly, Tepco has tried to implement the counter measures suggested in this document, at the Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe site. They have not had much success so far.
(Note: The charts in this study are log scale.)  http://www.irpa.net/irpa8/cdrom/VOL.1/M1_97.PDF
If this study is correct, these increases will continue long into the future!
All the wars and strife in the world at present, is analogous to people fighting each other on a sinking boat. We urgently need the whole world to cooperate, and focus on dealing with the ongoing Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe.
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