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The Daily Dose
Exposing the nuclear industry while the nuclear industry exposes you. ( page 0 intro )

Here we'll post information collected concerning the daily operation of the US nuclear power stations.

The information resources for this area will come from;

the NRC:   [ Keep in mind the NRC is there not so much to regulate the industry as it is to regulate what the public knows about the industry. ]

Daily Reactor Status Reports - https://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/doc-colle...or-status/
Daily Event Notifications - https://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/doc-colle...tus/event/
News Releases - https://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/doc-collections/news/

Energy Industry Analysts; ( these groups are mainly interested in financial profit so their info is precise )
https://www.platts.com/commodity/electric-power ( subscription service but good leads )

Energy News sources;
https://www.enerdata.net/publications/da...ergy-news/ ( subscription service but good leads )

General news and media groups;

posted by Staup Knewkinus a Dane Gerous production. All rights reserved.

Some notes regarding the NRC data.

Select the most recent days Reactor Status . https://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/doc-colle...or-status/

Notice there are two columns of data arranged by NRC region and site/unit name alphabetically. .  
The reactor unit designation and the thermal power reported.

At the bottom are the following notes;
  Reactor status data collected between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m. each day.
  All times are based on eastern time.
  Additional plant status information is made available on the web page after 28 days.

Now select a date past the 28 day blackout and notice the extra data fields. The extra data is provided to the NRC each day, the NRC just doesn't let you see it until it has mold on it.

As stated the NRC collects and posts the info each morning on their website ( usually by 8am ET but I've seen it posted as early as 7:15 am ET ), there are no updates during the day. So units can post 100% power for the 8am posting and then suffer a failure leading to lowered power output and no one would know until the next mornings posting.  

In a world where the prez can tweet every time he farts there's really no reason why the NRC can't maintain a live status page that could be updated at least every 4 hours ( unless of course you don't want anyone to have that kind of info ).

Another little trick unit operators use is to declare an event as planned maintenance so they don't have to file an Event Notice. This is akin to an airplane having an engine blowout in mid-flight and classifying the emergency landing as planned maintenance.
Exposing the nuclear industry while the nuclear industry exposes you. (page 1)
posted by Staup Knewkinus a Dane Gerous production. All rights reserved.
Combining the  daily Reactor Status and the Event Notice data into a spreadsheet allows us to track and to some extent anticipate some NPS activities.

This pic shows a section of the spreadsheet.    

The entire spreadsheet can't be easily displayed due to size.
Here's a zoomed out view of the current sheet.    
That's the top half ( operating units ) the bottom half has the closed, under construction, and proposed units,
Exposing the nuclear industry while the nuclear industry exposes you. ( page 4)

This is an example of the daily Reactor Status Report detail compiled and sorted for a month.  
This gives us a continuous message string over time so we can see what the operators are telling the NRC.

posted by Staup Knewkinus a Dane Gerous production in association with Gil O'Teen and Lin Chin Yu. All rights reserved.
Exposing the nuclear industry while the nuclear industry exposes you. ( page 5)

This pic shows the Event Notice data compiled into an easily searchable database.


posted by Staup Knewkinus a Dane Gerous production.

Exposing the nuclear industry while the nuclear industry exposes you. ( page 6)

This pic shows the RS data and the EN data in the same sheet so we can see the interactions.


posted by Staup Knewkinus a Dane Gerous production all rights reserved.

NOVEMBER 09, 2019 05:17 PM

Dominion Energy has shut down the V.C. Summer nuclear reactor in Fairfield County after the utility found a “small leak’’ in the atomic power plant’s coolant system, a spokeswoman said Saturday afternoon.
Santee Cooper in talks with Korean company about reviving VC Summer nuclear project
August 2019

It has been called the largest financial failure in the history of South Carolina. But one day, the state’s abandoned nuclear power construction project could be revived by a group of South Korean and U.S. companies.

In an interview with The State this week, new Santee Cooper CEO Mark Bonsall confirmed the state-owned utility is in discussions with “a party from the outside” that wants to finish the mammoth V.C. Summer Nuclear Station expansion. Santee Cooper and majority owner SCE&G spent billions of dollars building the overdue and overbudget twin reactors before quitting construction in July 2017.

The State has learned that a consortium of companies — including South Korea’s state-run power company, Korea Electric Power Corporation — are in talks with Santee Cooper about a possible revival of the mothballed power project.

But Bonsall insisted Santee Cooper won’t invest any more money or take on any more risk if the project is revived. Santee Cooper, which owns most — if not all — of the nuclear parts and equipment left at the site, could sell those parts to the consortium in exchange for cash or electricity generated by the reactors if they are finished.

Operators at V.C. Summer Nuclear Station in Fairfield County have been monitoring a leak in a valve associated with the reactor coolant system. VIDEO
November 9, 2019

Emergency crews were called to the La Salle Generating Station near Marseilles shortly after 3 p.m. Tuesday.

A diver was reported to have lost communications for longer than 20 minutes, according to several reports.

The Times was unable to get comment on the incident from responders at the scene, or from spokespeople at Exelon. An Exelon spokesperson said they were unable to share information, as the situation was ongoing and under investigation. They said they would release information as soon as it's available.

La Salle County Coroner William Wujek said he had no comment, but he said he will release more information Wednesday.
Nuclear plant leak is coming from pipe at SC power station.
Safety regulators not worried
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V.C. Summer nuclear plant in Fairfield County, South Carolina

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