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Naming Conventions and Acronyms/Abbreviations
In the US there are 60 power stations in 50 states. Some of the stations have multiple reactors resulting in 100 operating reactors. To help keep things somewhat organized I use the following naming convention,

ST_sitename_unit where;
ST is the two letter US state.
sitename is the common site name
unit is the reactor unit id.

eg MN_Monticello_1 - Minnesota Monticello site unit 1

some of the official names are shortened as in

Columbia Generating Station in Washington state is WA_Columbia_2
South Texas Project ( a 2 unit station ) is TX_South_1 or TX_South_2

NPS - has several meanings depending on context
Nuclear Power Station - euphemistic name,
Nuclear Poison Spewer - one of the reactors on a site
Nuclear Polluted Site - the grounds of any nuclear related activity
Nuclear Psychopath Society - those that develop, champion, participate in nuclear uses.
Not Planet/People Sensitive - the detrimental effects on the environment or people.

A huge list of acronyms/abbreviation compiled by the NRC ( Not Really Concerned, formerly known as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission but long since infiltrated by the industry ) can be found here (it's a 57 page doc).

But even that doc doesn't cover a lot of the abbrevs relating to reactors/components.

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