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EPA proposes West Lake Landfill clean-up
EPA proposes West Lake Landfill clean-up
By Rebecca Rivas Feb 7, 2018

Quote:“Partial removal is not acceptable,” said Ed Smith, policy director for the organization. “It means high levels of radioactivity will be left behind with the potential for water or airborne contamination into the future, creating unnecessary long-term risks to the St. Louis region.”

Quote:“We consider 70-plus percent removal of the waste a victory and step in the right direction,” said co-founder Dawn Chapman. “Our goals, along with relocating the residents, have always been getting the radioactive waste out of the Missouri River floodplain and away from the threat of the underground fire.”

Quote:“The United States government created this waste,” Clay said, “and we have a responsibility to clean it up.”

'Clean it up' only means moving it from one place to another. The new location to be contaminated wasn't specified.  Leaving about a quarter of it behind is hardly responsible.  

Quote:Pruitt said the “Proposed Plan and Administrative Record” will be issued soon and available for public review and comment.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."

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