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Majia CPM to Microsieverts
Majia: Converting CPM to MicroSieverts https://majiasblog.blogspot.com.uy/2011/...3234840142

Working it out, be sure to read comments, some corrections noted.
just pm me if needed.
Code, your view may not be the erroneous view.  The ECRR was sound science.  Adopting the ECRR recommendations would put nuclear power plants and processing centers out of business.  Nuclear was known to have deleterious health effects from the start but the price was to be paid by everyone for the elites to have their atomic toys.  The authorities will look no further than the ICRP recommendations even if off by a factor of 1000.  

(01-03-2018, 05:51 PM)Code Wrote: For me,  unless one is trying to uncover secret fallout releases, the more realistic approach is to take anti cancer herbs and minerals and just forget about the measurement.   If one is unlucky to be near a meltdown, like Fukushima, then ones life is screwed.  Quick iodine and evacuation is the only option.   Living downwind or close to power plants would be a reason to measure, in case one has iodine on hand and the car packed and ready

Add to that; detoxing from all the heavy metals in the environment, avoid foods that absorb radionuclides; don't live near or downwind from a nuclear power plant in the first place.  

I recommend iodine supplements to detox from bromides and chlorine.  I have a bottle of Lugol's solution on hand to counter radio-iodine releases.  

The more information we can get out to the public the harder it will be for the nuke authorities to keep the blinders on the people.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."
Horse and Code,

I agree.

In my opinion dose is a very poor way of equating risk from radiation exposure, but it is all we have at present.

Most western Geiger counters are only tuned to Cesium-137.

The Geiger counter environment dose reading in Rem or uSv etc., is only accurate if your are only being exposed to Cesium-137.

The Geiger counter dose measurement is inaccurate for all other isotopes that may be present in the Geiger counter monitoring environment.

The dose amount is only accurate for the isotope the Geiger counter has been calibrated for.

Some Geiger counters allow you to recalibrate the dose measurement for different isotopes.

Once you ingest or inhale a radioactive isotope the whole dynamic changes.

Breathing in or ingesting radioactive contamination can increase the risk factor by a huge amount.

Once an external radioactive isotope is ingested you are not only dealing with a vastly greater radiation exposure to body tissue at a cellular level, you can also be exposed to a material that is also very chemically toxic.

The whole dose system is corrupt, and designed to lessen the publics perception of the real risks.
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I understand what you are saying.

My point is that the way Geiger counters measure dose in rem or uSv is flawed to start with, even before you even consider, "The danger is perhaps 6x or 600% greater than that ICRP dose coefficient for cesium137."

Whether we looking at CPM or sieverts Geiger counters at best they tell you is if environmental background radiation levels are increasing or not. Their not indicating the true risk factors. Their design can't do that.

If a Geiger counter indicates an increase is happening in a once stable background, at least you know something is happening. That you should take notice and take remedial actions. Without it you are completely blind to what is happening in your environment.

They are a flawed instrument to start with, but its all we have at present.
CafeRadLab  Free Guides and Resources For Everyone Here!

Get Prepared For Earth Changes!

The purpose of life is to learn to express your personal energy Creatively and Lovingly!


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