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another one.  It was looking too heavy.  Fixed the ear, eyes, top side highlights...still going for muted contrast.  I think you will see the advantage if you ever go back to the punchy version

This one looks great. Are you happy with it? Is it a final version?
just pm me if needed.
(03-24-2018, 08:15 AM)Horse Wrote: from Baalbeck

Baalbeck is incredible.  I will be going back there next week.
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George E. P. Box
Fantastic! I never knew about it. This really is an interesting archeological site "Questions constantly crop up concerning these blocks. Baalbek may become a focal point for the dichotomy being uncovered throughout the world today between the prehistoric past we assume existed and our earliest cultures of history."

Look forward to you sharing your experience with us.
just pm me if needed.
(03-25-2018, 11:37 AM)LWH Wrote: Baalbeck is incredible.  I will be going back there next week.
You are full of surprises LWH.  I've wanted to see Baalbeck and Giza myself but haven't had a chance.  I hope you share your impressions of Baalbeck with us and maybe even some pictures.  Did you look at the nuclear pyramid link?  Any thoughts on the Great Pyramid?  If the Giza complex was cooking up plutonium they did a successful decommissioning job.  

While you've been out there testing for radionuclides we've been busy re-decorating your website.  I like the logo and other improvements Code and Pia have come up with.  We've added more contributors; Code has posted medical research on radiation's health effects, Vital1 with Southern Hemisphere radiation readings and research, Staup helping us understand NRC notices for US NPPs.  We've been working Pia pretty hard lately but she's doing an admirable admin job as well as posting research and news. I'm grateful you let me and the webcam forum join your team to document and inform people that nuclear is just another disaster waiting to happen.  When does the amount of ionizing radiation and radionuclide contamination become too much of a risk?
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