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hello from Code Shutdown
Well Ive registered.  I consider it a major accomplishment.   Greetings to any that may recognize me from ENEnews.

Pia, thanks for your labors. May Cafe RadLab be a clear voice in the wilderness
Thank you for joining us,
i hope you find this a satisfying experience in sharing nuclear news.
just pm me if needed.
Hi Code, glad to see you here.  Now I get to read your posts without the ENE wallpapering.  You bring an important point to the table;  man-made radionuclides are more of a health hazard than the nuclear industry can admit too.  I appreciate you sharing your insights and research.
"The map is not the territory that it is a map of ... the word is not the thing being referred to."

I have enjoyed your insight for years.

Nice to see it... 'uncluttered'. Smile

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