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McGuire Transformer Fire
From ENE:

TV: MUST WATCH… Huge fire at US nuclear plant — “Flames shooting into air… Massive plume of smoke” — “Neighbors on high alert… Scary… Very concerning… Don’t panic” — “It just stops you in your tracks when you see it” (VIDEO) http://www.enenews.com/tv-must-watch-hug...just-stops

24 July 2017 NRC Integrated Inspection report https://www.nrc.gov/docs/ML1720/ML17205A234.pdf page 6 inspection via walk down of switch yard page 29 begins list of documents reviewed includes CSD-EG-ALL-2000.1, Nuclear Switch yard Interface Agreement CSD-EG-ALL-2000.2, Nuclear Switch yard Operating Guidelines, DPC-1381.06-00-0001, Catawba, McGuire & Oconee Degraded Grid Voltage Set points for Real Time Contingency , MCS-1465.00-00-0008, Design Basis Specification for Fire Protection +
just pm me if needed.

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